A few of my favourite things....

This is a different sort of post to my usual but I really wanted to share with you some of my favourite things from Christmas, and some pieces I have picked up in the sales! So hope you will be interested to see them!

I was spoilt rotten by Adrian and my mum and dad over Christmas and the most amazing present I got was this beautiful Mulberry Congo saddlebag that Adrian found for me. I was not expecting it at all so it was an amazing surprise; I've always wanted a Mulberry and now I have one! So lucky!

He also came up trumps with this book about Neil Young. Now, Neil Young is probably my favourite musician ever ever, but I know surprisingly little about him, other than he writes great songs and has a wonderful voice. So now I can get all clued up on the man himself. I would really like to see him in concert sometime so maybe I'll be able to manage that this year.

My mum bought me loads of lovely bits and bobs (and my dad and brothers!) but the pieces I have to show you are this super cute cardigan (very Chanel I thought) and a lovely oxblood scarf my brother Ryan, who lives in France, picked up for me. They know me so well!

Finally, some things I chose for myself. I am addicted to collars at the moment-necklaces, attached to garments, fabric ones you put on garments, all kinds. So when I popped into Primark to stock up on their "super cosy" tights that I've been hearing so much about, and I spotted this for £2, I had to put it in my basket! I love it and I like how it fastens at the back, as opposed to the front which many collars tend to do.

In Topshop I bought some tights as modelled in my Ochre post below! I also managed to snag some of these kitty slippers which I have had my eye on for a few weeks but I was pretty certain they would go into the sale so I hung on, and sure enough, they did. They cost £8 which I didn't think was too bad and they're so comfy and cosy.

Finally, despite getting some bath type treats for Christmas, I couldn't help but pick this adorable Hello Kitty/Liberty bath set when I went into Boots the other day. All their Christmas gift sets go to half price after Christmas and in this set was something I actually needed-a bath hat! I love the Hello Kitty/Libery collaborations and last year I bought a hand wash set so this is something I know I'll use and I loved, and I think it was around £6. I also bought an umbrella to match-something else I also needed!

Have you been shopping in the sales? I'd love to know what bargains you found!

XO Amie
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Unknown said...

Aawww I love the kitty slippers! And this Mulberry bag is so pretty too!

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