Wearing: Topshop jeans (via charity shop) Gap jumper, Vintage blouse, Vintage jacket, Mulberry handbag, Betty London Shoes from Spartoo

So, one of my (now fulfilled) New Year's resolutions was to get a haircut. I get so lazy with my hair, I like it long (it's finally got to a decent length) but I just let the side fringe I had grow out and then I just clip it back because it falls in my face all the time. So I decided to get it chopped and I had fancied a full fringe for a while so I just went for it, and I really like it! It's surprisingly easy to care for and doesn't take too much styling either which is good for a lazybones like me!
These pictures were taken the other morning when Age and I went on a little bird spotting mission. He got some good shots and also managed to cram in some pics for the blog although I don't think I like this outfit now I am looking back at it. I kind of felt that when I left the house, I felt ok but then decided I wished I'd worn different shoes, a different jacket, (despite the fact that I love this jacket which is a vintage acquisition from a great aunt!) etc. But then we were at the place we wanted to take pictures and so we didn't want to waste the chance. Funnily enough the beautiful Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary wrote about feeling a similar way in a recent post so maybe it's something that happens to us all! I thought, if nothing else at least you'll be able to see my new hair cut! Hope you like it!

I also wish I hadn't worn flat shoes because despite the beaming sun, it was freezing. I changed into boots when I had to go back out again later! Definite error in fashion judgement there!

XO Amie
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Your new hair is gorgeous, you suit a fringe so much! I love the little peek of the collar too. xo

Stephanie said...

Your new fringe looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful pictures xx

The Style Rawr said...

Eeeeeep! I love your new fringe, it really suits you. It seems everyone I know is getting a fringe cut in and it makes me miss mine...*sigh*. Also you look super cute in this outfit, hello Mr Robin!

The Style Rawr!

Jessica said...

I adore your hair like that, suits you so much! Really makes your eyes pop :)
Your outfit is the cutest too, just wanna squeeze your lovely face ^_^ xx

Unknown said...

AIMEE! I love your new fringe! it looks so lovely and sophisticated! I never knew you were from Barnstaple either after a read your previous posts! Devon for life!
I am going to double check my shifts for the next few weeks and arrange a charity shop quest for after pay day? xxxx

Kaz said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous :) your fringe looks absolutely lovely, really suits you!
I love your star tattoos by the way!
Kaz x

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