A walk in the snow....

Wearing: Topshop coat, Gap knit, Vintage leather skirt, Aigle boots, Primark scarf, gloves and hat

I think for most of the UK, Friday dawned covered in snow. I was so sceptical of it actually coming that when I opened my curtains on Friday morning I was actually really shocked to see a considerable amount of snow outside, despite the forecast!

Luckily Adrian and I both had the day off (yay!) so we were able to go out and play :) Adrian got some nice photos of birds and also a few of me being a wally in the snow. We have a bird table on our balcony so we can see birds from inside as well and this little robin has become a regular visitor. There's also a dunnock that comes as well as a huge pigeon which poos everywhere! But you can't discourage one if you're encouraging the others!

I wore my Topshop wool coat (because it was freezing! obvs!) and a vintage leather pelmet skirt that I wear a lot. I wore a skirt as opposed to jeans because as soon as trousers get wet they're so uncomfortable and hard to dry! I was toasty in this skirt with my Primark supercosy tights. I don't buy a lot in Primark really but these tights are a must! They are so thick and have a fleecy lining, I really can't speak higher of them in terms of warmth!

As for shoes! It's always important to keep your feet warm in the cold! So out came these gorgeous Aigle chelsea boots from Spartoo. They're kind of like riding boots in style and they are made of polymer which is kind of like welly boot material, but a bit more flexible. I wear these a lot and in wet/snowy weather I wouldn't be without them.

Hope you all had fun in the snow...if you got any, or were able to get out in it!

XO Amie
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Joanna. said...

Fairly green with envy of your boots. They look so great for this weather! Off on the wishlist they go...

Kim said...

Aww you look ADORABLE! Love the outfit, especially the hat :D xx

Rosie Savage said...

Ah, lovely snaps :)

Rosie x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

What stunning photos these are :) The snow looks just gorgeous around there. The hat and boots are lovely! xx

daisychain said...

I LOVE those boots! xx

Unknown said...

You look like you had fun! xx followed your blogxx

The Style Rawr said...

Awww, you look so stylish! I was decked out in Northface when I went for a play haha. I wish we would get some more :(

The Style Rawr!

Hola Bambi said...

Cute boots xx

Unknown said...

Love love love the boots!!
-Kate xo

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