Classic, Classic, Classic....

My style can be summed up by this title, I think, and the more I try different trends, the more I seem to fall back to the simple, classic pieces that make up the bulk of my wardrobe. I hope my style doesn't come across as boring; because things that aren't "of the moment" do tend to have that association, but I feel that by investing in things that I know I will always love are a better spend of my money than of buying things that will fall out of favour with me as quickly as I loved them. This doesn't have to be expensive either, but that's a topic for another post!

Today, I'm focusing on these wonderful, classic (!) chelsea boots by Aigle. What attracted me to them was the very simple shape, the slimline heel and, of course, the classic elasticated side panel. These can actually be worn as horse riding boots, and I used to ride as a child and had a pair of knee high boots very similar to these-perhaps that's another reason why I love them!

I will be wearing these (when they come-yes I have ordered them!) with skinny jeans or perhaps a little skater skirt and some nice thick tights. I need some new tights actually-any recommendations?! I love how shoes and boots look totally different with tights and skirts, to trousers or jeans-it really makes them the focus of a look, I think, so a cute boot is a must!

What do you think of these boots? Aren't they the cutest?! Would you wear these?

XO Amie
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Unknown said...

I love them! I almost bought one one but they were flat chelsea boots at Rubi Shoes but they look weird so i am holdingit off awhile. Though maybe i had like to try the heeled ones in Tan or Wine color! x

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