Summer Archive: Ikat

Wearing: Boden breton tee, Zara Ikat pants, Gap lambswool jumper, Primark sandals

A very summery outfit today, but one that is quite transitional and (I have to admit) was not taken today in the drizzly haze but a couple of weeks ago when we had a spot of sunshine. I've been meaning to post this photo set for ages but never got around to it so I thought I'd share it on this, the last week before the clocks change and winter fully sets in and I can wave goodbye to showing my toes until next year. 
There was a little green frog hopping around our garden too, catching up with the last of summer's rays. Isn't he cute?
Adrian and I spent the weekend back in Devon which was lovely, catching up with his mum and dad and the rest of the family. In fact I have a little ask....Adrian's dad very sadly suffered a stroke a few months ago and his wife Shirley has started a blog to plot the progress of his recovery. Shirley has only recently got to grips with using computers and so to start a blog is, I feel, a huge step for anyone but particularly for her, especially when the subject matter is so close to home. I really enjoy reading her updates each day and I think she is incredibly brave and completely inspiring. Like my own mum and dad, Shirley and Pete are soulmates and you can see the wonderful bond they have despite the difficulties they've faced. 
You can visit Shirley's blog here and if you, or a relative or friend has suffered a stroke before, or helped to care for a stroke victim, maybe you can pass on any advice that she may find helpful? I know she would love to hear your stories.
XO Amie
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Ally J said...

Your zara trousers are sooo cool, great for adding some colour during the grey winter days!


Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

Lovely outfit, wish it was still a little bit sunny now!! So sad about the stroke, those kind of things are so hard to deal with! xx

lindsey marie said...

Aw - I love that you found a cute frog! Amazing style and I love the pictures :]

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