September's GlossyBox

September's Glossy Box Contents

I know, I know; it's now October and yet I am just posting my September box review! How late is that! To be fair, the box didn't arrive until midway through the month and then I actually wanted to try out some of the products before posting my thoughts, so I suppose that can be said for a late review!

The box this month was designed by Maggie Li, and I have to say, what a lovely change the beautifully illustrated box was from the usual, pale pink one. I will definitely be leaving this in a prominent place to use as storage now that the contents have been used!

The theme of this month's box was "rising stars" and I must admit, this is a much better box than the August one, which I did feel was a bit of a letdown. I got some really decent products this time around, including:

-Lady Gaga Fame perfume sample
-Vichy day cream
-Rodial sachets
-Magharabian Oil 
-Balance Me under eye cream

Normally I am a bit snobbish about perfume samples, but I have really wanted to try out Gaga's perfume, so I was pleased to find this inside the box. I was expecting the 'black fluid' to be a real, inky black spray but actually it was more grey, still, I suppose it's a gimmick and the fragrance is actually quite pleasant, not sure what I was expecting from Gaga, but this is something I would probably wear, though I don't know if I'd buy it (the bottle scares me a bit.) Still, it's good to try these things out.

A generously sized pot of daycream by Vichy is always going to put a smile on my face; I love a decent moisturiser and I am just finishing up my Estee Lauder one so this has arrived in good time. I have heard of the Vichy brand before and so I am looking forward to trying this product out properly.

I received several serum sachets by Rodial, 5 minute facial and Glamoxy which is the snake serum one. I'm not that keen on trying the snake one out, only because the sound of it really puts me off-like that snail face cream you can get (so I've heard) it's not something I'd be keen to put on my face. I will definitely try the 5 minute facial one though. I wasn't really impressed on the packaging of these-a clinical looking envelope with "Rodial" written on the front. Ah well, still useful products that I am sure I will try out.

Magharabian Oil is another product I am always happy to see in the box. I adore hair oils but they are quite expensive, and actually I have only become aware of them due to their presence in my Glossy Box. I probably wouldn't have bought them before due to their price point, but now I've actually tried and loved them, I am much more likely to repurchase a full sized bottle, especially if Glossy do a discount. This one didn't let me down-smells amaze, left my hair really soft and SUPER shiny. I slap it on wet hair before I blow dry and it helps detangle too.

The final product I received was the "Balance Me" under eye cream. I've not heard of this brand, but I've tried the cream and it's really nice, great scent and texture. I currently use Aveeno eye cream so I'm not sure how this will compare, but it is really handy to have.

What did you think of your Glossy Box this month, if you get one?

XO Amie
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a. said...

I always see blog posts about these and I should really get on the bandwagon and try it out.
I'm really slack when it comes to buying beauty products so it seems like such a sweet idea.

hannah said...

I have been using the Balance Me eye cream for a few months now and it is lovely, it feels very soothing when I use it and the scent is so nice xx

Rebecca said...

I had no idea Gaga's perfume was grey. Very weird. Does it stay grey or just go away?

Unknown said...

Like others, I've looked at Glossy Box (and one of the other similar ones) and just can't decide if I think it's worth it or if I'll just end up with a bunch of shit I won't use!

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