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Ash "Special" boots via Spartoo

Something I always fall down on, year in, year out, is being able to find the perfect pair of black boots. I know, I'd think it would be so easy! Yet for some reason I have a really funny relationship with black boots. I always lean more towards tan or brown; sometimes even cream or beige, mainly because I find black boots really hard to wear. I am yet to find a pair that make my feet look nice; perhaps it's because I have mostly bought flat ones in the past, which always look a little clumpy and remind me of "school shoes" which I am sure are all the rage again now anyway, if the 90's revival is anything to go by. 

I guess a little heel could be the way forward, and this pair from Ash are definitely piquing my interest. I like the shape of the shoe; the almond shaped toe is so much more flattering than a round one, and that heel looks just about perfect for everyday. The small side vent at the top and the inside zip makes these boots the perfect, work-hard everyday boot, without sacrificing on style. They are a little higher of a price point than I would normally pay: these come in at around the £140 mark. However, if I wear them as much as I did my Clarks Originals boots which have sadly now worn out :( then they will more than make back their expense and the cost-per-wear will be tiny. 

I would wear them with skinnies, and possibly also with the little mini skirts that I became so partial to over the summer. I'll be teaming them with tights going forward however-it's gone so chilly now!

In all, I think these will make a worthy investment. What do you think?

XO Amie
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Abbie said...

These are beautiful! I want to own some sexy boots with a heel :( x

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

lovely boots!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

Style At Every Age said...

I really want the Ash Jalouse boots, love them!

Lucia said...

really lovely boots, and i really like the idea of your blog. you have some great finds!

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