Wet Feet and New Boots

Soggy Sandals by Koah. Boots by Pied a Terre and Bertie

I walked to work this morning at 7.30am and the sun was blazing down. I finally started to think, wow, summer's finally arrived. I had to take my jumper off, I actually got quite hot! I was feeling really chipper that I'd chosen to wear my sandals....that was, until half 4 when I came to go home and it was shireing it down. Safe to say my toes got soaked (see the state of my shoes in the top pic!) so it got me to thinking about my more weather appropriate footwear. I have pretty much got my winter shoe-drobe sorted, and it's pretty appalling to be saying this in July. But when I find a boot I like, I tend to buy it because it's rare that I can actually find one that fits all my needs. I like a heel (blocky and small-ish, due to my bad back.) I like leather or suede, not man made fabrics that make my feet sweaty. I like a classic shape and a neutral colour (I seem to wear boots for most of the year, living in Britain! And finally, I like a quirky detail, that sets the boot apart from the norm.

So here are my three Autumn/Winter/Great British Summer boot picks! (Well, I say three...you'll notice two are the same...!)

1. Black square toe boots from Bertie (via eBay) These cost me £30, and as they were brand new I thought this was a good price especially since these boots retail at £120. I absolutely love the clumpy shape; the style of the boot with the outside zip, and the glossy black leather uppers. The heels are high enough to give me a lift but comfy enough to wear all day (I've tried!) The side zip on the outside of the ankle is a nice touch and gives the boots a quirky look. I think they're really like the Acne Pistols which are a pair of boots I dream of but sadly can't afford so these are the next best thing.

2. Brown square toe boots from Bertie (also via eBay) This pair for some reason only cost £20 and also the shape and style were bang on for a dupe of the Acne boots I love. I thought brown would be more wearable but I've actually worn the black pair more, though I know I will wear these lots during the winter; they're a bit similar to my beloved Clarks ankle boots which are almost at their end, but in leather rather than suede. I'll be wearing these with skinny trousers and slouchy tops, or boxy dresses for a really clean look.

3. Funny how every boot I buy seems to be inspired by a designer pair! But I suppose that's the point of Credit Crunch Chic....we buy designer on the cheap where we can, but if we can't, it's time to improvise! Move over Acne, these almond toed suede beauties are a dead ringer for the Isabel Marant Dicker boot. I've worn them so far this year with cream coloured rolled skinnies which looked really nice, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of that outfit as it was chucking it down (no, really?!) but I will be wearing them that way again soon, I'm sure. These boots are COMFY. They're not as high on the ankle as some of my other pairs and as such they're really flattering. I love the colour-a kind of chocolate brown-and I like that the toe is more pointed which makes them look quite elegant. The heel adds a little urban edge and again I will be wearing them with slim crops and swingy blouses and cardigans. Lovely. These aren't actually new boots, but have been dragged out of the archives from last year, such is the love I have for them! They're from Pied a Terre who always do amazing boots of great quality. 

What do you think of my boot collection? What boots will you be investing in this Autumn?
XO Amie
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Lou said...

I've ruined so many pairs of shoes walking to and from work in the rain! Crazy British 'summertime'. Love the Bertie boots - they look very similar to a pair I want from Topshop x

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