Wearing: Thrifted jeans, Pastelle pumps, Vintage blazer, Whistles tee, Luxla bracelet

I only wish the title of this post was referring to the weather....I'm going to have to stop writing about it in my blog posts because otherwise this is going to become totally weather obsessed and really I wouldn't be that bothered but I want some sunshine! Sadly it is not forthcoming, so I have begun to look towards AW12. In July. I realise that in fashion circles that makes me slow on the uptake but personally I don't like to get too seasonally ahead, nonetheless the weather (there it is again) has turned my hand a bit. I just can't be doing bare legs and sandals when it's 14 degrees and tipping it down. Can anyone?!
My wardrobe is looking good for AW mind you-I've bought so little this season because there's been nothing seasonally appropriate. I will be posting some shots of my 'carryovers' later in the week but I've already got my winter boots sorted, and my current looks have been edited down and down and I've been clearing out LOADS which has really helped me to see what I've got, and what I need. 
This look is a little plain but it's so me, I love the simple shapes of the blazer and the skinny jeans. They're high waisted so I tucked in a pain white tee. Simple, classy and chic, I hope!
Hope you have a lovely weekend :D
XO Amie
PS thankyou to everyone who's left lovely comments about my hair! I am really loving it being this striking colour, I think it adds interest as my cut is not all that so it's nice to look at something bright! x
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Claudia Kitten said...

I love the blazer!
Claudia xxx

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Stunning! Your hair looks amazing too xx

Rebecca said...

I love your hair! Great outfit x

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