Estee Lauder Treats

I rarely buy makeup, and I suppose I could be stuck in a little rut when it comes to my makeup routine. I think over the years I've learnt what suits me and so I am a little hesitant to go splashing my cash on things which I may not like or may not suit me; a mistake I've made in the past (an expensive one because you can't return makeup!) So really the only thing that I "try out" are the items I receive in my GlossyBox each month, and actually, so far, I've received things I would actually buy anyway-I've been quite lucky! 
With this in mind, when I find something I really like, I tend to stick with it. Case in point: my Estee Lauder double wear foundation. By far and away this is THE BEST foundation I've ever used, it's quite pricey at £26 but the last time I had to buy it was September last year so it does last for ages! I tend to wait to buy it again until Estee Lauder have an offer on, because I like to get the best deals! Last time I bought it, I got a foundation brush and a few samples as a freebie. This time, I got a whole goodie bag stuffed with the plethora of products you see above! I didn't get the nail polish, I bought that myself but thats something that I always use so it was a good buy. I am excited to try out all these new things....maybe I'll find my next favourite among them! 

What makeup brands or products do you swear by?

XO Amie
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