White Out

Wearing: Topshop coat, Gap jeans and top, vintage shoes, and, in top pic, drunkface.

Ahh there was no post yesterday! Sorry everyone, this is because Saturday night turned out rather messier than expected....we went out for a friend's birthday and ended up bowling at midnight and dancing til (almost) dawn....which wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't had to work on Sunday. Not only that, I had to put a window in! And on 3.5 hours sleep....it was hard, but I soldiered through, however there was no way I was going to be able to blog once I got in. I almost fell asleep in my chair but managed to drag myself into the shower, put clean jammies on and was zonked out in bed by 9.30. But it was worth it as I had the best night out ever, it was so much fun and I laughed and laughed. And Adrian took loads of snaps with his phone and was instagramming away, I had to show you one of them because it's so funny. Love it :)

On to my outfit! I had to show you this coat that my mum bought me a couple of weeks ago, it's amazing, so girlie and I adore it! I have only worn it a couple of times as it's (finally!) getting warmer! I am so happy to see the sun and I can't wait until my day off at the end of the week.
I am wearing these cream skinnies a lot at the moment because they're also more summery than my usual blue or black ones. I like to wear them with a longer top as they're quite low rise which isn't really my comfort zone but it's hard to find decent fitting jeans with a higher waist (unless they're Topshop Jamie's) so if I have to wear a lower rise pair I make sure I have a longer top on. I have a lower back tattoo which I got when I was about 19 and at that time (almost 10 years ago!! Sheesh!!) they were really cool and I would love to show it off....sadly now I don't find this very attractive and so when I wear lower jeans or trousers I make sure I wear a longer top to cover it over if I bend down. 

I am wearing my little loafers that I bought in a charity shop in Weston, they cost £2.50 and I love them, they're so grannyish and cute. Also very comfortable which helps!

Hope you've all had a good Monday! I am off to have another early night...think I need it!

XO Amie
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Anonymous said...

I like your style as usual. Where did you find this pretty necklace?

Hannah said...

Hey fellow Bristol girl! thank you for the comment. Loveee your jeans? Will you be going to the Love Saves The Day festival in Castle Park?
Following now by the way :)
Hannah xo

Vix said...

Good on you for lasting till almost dawn! My staying power ain't what it used to be. I can't believe you managed a day a work, that's hardcore!
Love your coat, it looks very 1960s in shape and cut. xxx

Vivian Anastasaki said...

Nice coat honey!!!! Really nice on you!!!

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