Soz one and all, this may be becoming a bit of a repeater outfit for me but this classic combo of blouse, skinny pant and oversized cardi work,work,works for me. And you know what, at the moment it's the blooming weather that's throwing the spanner in the works regards my wardrobe choices: it's too chuffin cold to wear anything less than my blimming winteral knits. Irritating or what. Not that I have much new to show you, but there are other things I would prefer to be wearing to be honest! 
My blouse and trews are Gap, and the cardigan is the Primark number I bagged the other day (£5). I love it though haven't worn the black version yet! but I will. Funnily enough I thought I'd get more wear from the black one, but it hasn't worked out that way.
The little brown pumps are quite old and actually not as comfortable as I hoped they might be, they pinched one of my toes :( But I did manage to wear them all day which was unexpected. I really need to sort through my shoe collection, I have a couple of amazing pairs begging to be worn but they need re-heeling, so I really need to get on that. I've also got another amazeballs pair waiting for me at the post collection office (or should I say, being held hostage haha) that I snagged off eBay for a fiver and can't wait to wear. I am once again eBay obsessed, I am always surfing the site on my phone for a bargain or two. What I really want is a pair of high waisted cut off denim shorts, can I find any mind?! No! Help me out here people where can I get some!! I don't really want to fork out £40 in Toppers for a pair that I will probably wear infrequently but I do so want some, desperado!
Hope you're all having a good weekend. I work in retail so I don't get weekends, however it's nice to have Monday off next week whilst everyone else gets the Sunday night blues I get that Friday feeling! I'm probably going to go visit my mum and brothers and attack the chazzers!!
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

Love this outfit! So comfy but stylish! =)

Have a nice Saturday eve! =)




Carrie said...

loving that chunky cardigan!

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Unknown said...

Lovely cardigan, it looks so comfy and cozy! Perfect for the recent April showers here, wish I had one like yours :)

Kim said...

Ah love this outfit Amie, you look so cute :)xx

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