Marni x H&M First Look

I've been meaning to show off my new Marni for H&M sandals which I bought after a rather stressful experience online. Regular readers of my blog will remember this post where I told you all how I'd ordered them after a scrimmage online...they arrived and I was beyond excited, and then I opened the box to realise they'd sent the wrong size. HOW disappointing! Well, I sent them back, but only after re-ordering a new pair, which H&M sent with no postage charge and a 10% discount, with a promise to refund the original payment and p&p I'd forked out. I'm still waiting for my refund, though I called up earlier in the week as I was concerned that the parcel might have been lost (I sent it via Royal Mail.) No, the advisor assured me on the phone, it had been received and my refund was being processed...for the second amount paid (i.e, less the p&p and discount.) No, no, no! I tried to explain, but due to the Easter weekend (blah blah blah) there was no one there to sort it out. So I shall be calling them up Tuesday to make sure I get the correct amount of money back; it's almost an extra tenner and since it was their mistake (on both counts) I think this is only fair. What a stress! 
Aside from this, the sandals are beautiful and I love them. I haven't worn them yet (partly due to the weather, partly because I am too scared!) but I know I will, roll on summer!
What do you make of them? I think they are SO Marni, I love the shape which is so distinctive and characteristic of the brand. I was torn between these or a tote bag and I am so glad I got these; they really are lovely and a good investment.
XO Amie
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Jessica said...

You should definitely call them to get your complete and total refund!
I hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend!

Unknown said...

.....what amazing costumer service! Xxx

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