GlossyBox April Edition

Well, it seems like a blimming age since my first Glossybox which was the Harrods Edition I received in March. I signed up initially to get that box and I was unsure if I would maintain my subscription but to be honest I was so impressed with that box, I decided I would. I know it got a lot of mixed reviews but essentially it's remembering that this is a sample box service that is the most important thing, I think a lot of people were disappointed with the contents of the Harrods box, perhaps because they were expecting more full sized products or a better selection, but I for one was happy with my pick.
I was pleased to finally take delivery of my April box, just squeaking in on the last day of the month. I'm sure I'll be paying my May sub in a minute! To be fair to Glossybox I did get an email from them explaining that the dispatch would be later this month than normal, which was good of them, keeping me in the loop. Hopefully the distance between the April and May boxes won't be as large as the March/April ones but we'll see.
So, what was this month's box about? Well, the theme was "Earth" I believe and the products inside reflected this, being of a more natural persuasion than some of the other brands available. Of the five products I received, there were only two of which I knew nothing about, and only one that I wasn't that fussed with, so I think that's quite good going. My box pick this month was:
-Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum: I've heard a lot about this brand but never tried a product so I was chuffed to receive this. I am looking forward to trying it out and the sample is a large size, usually with serum you don't need much anyway so I am hoping this will last me a while.
-MONU Collagen Cream: I've never heard of MONU so I will be interested to try this product. Anything that claims to work wonders on fine lines is right up my alley so I am happy to give this a whirl.
-Figs & Rouge Cherry and Vanilla Balm: again this is a product I've heard of briefly but never actually tried. I love the vintage inspired packaging and the fact that this is a full sized product which I wasn't expecting. It looks as if it will last a while and I like the fact that it's a multi use balm-I often use a beeswax balm on my skin at night because it can be quite dry. So this is a good product for me.
-Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion: nothing new here, I love Burt's Bees and I actually use this product anyway so it will come in handy, I know it and love it so that's a bonus!
-Inika Eyeliner Pencil in Peacock Blue: this brand is unknown to me and initially I was pleased to have received it until I saw the colour, which, don't get me wrong, is a beautiful shimmery blue but nothing like anything I would ever wear. I only wear black liquid eyeliner on my top lashline and whilst I will probably try it out for fun, I don't think it will suit me and I don't see myself using it. However my mum often uses pencil eyeliner on her lower waterline and she has green eyes so I think this might suit her better, although saying that, it's blue and she probably remembers blue eyeliner the first time around, back in the 80's when she had me. But hopefully she will like it! I swatched the pencil on my hand and it really is very creamy and glides on nicely. I did think, oh, this is why Glossybox have got this product, because they can't sell this shade (!) when I first opened it, but have since had a browse of some other reviews and my friend Lina got a purple one (she didn't like it either!) and another blogger got a black one, which would have been more useful to me but admittedly I don't know if I would even have used it as I don't much use pencil liners. Despite all this I think it's still a good product, someone is sure to love it and in a sample box it's a great full sized product to be sent.
I still feel like my Glossybox is worth the money but this could be because I haven't had a totally duff box yet. But I can see how, if you were sent 3 or 4 products which were unsuitable to you, or not your colours, how it could be. For example I would never go out and buy a peacock blue eye pencil. But on the other hand, I will try it and it might look nice, who knows! In this respect it does push my boundaries with regard to the makeup I would wear.
Do you subscribe to Glossybox? What did your box contain and what did you think of the products?
XO Amie
PS Sorry my images have got a little jumbled. I can never get them in the correct order! Total technophobe!
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Kim said...

I found this box was super late too! Feels like it's been ages but I've got to say I love this months box. I've already been using the lippy! Which I like although I find it's quite slippery haha, wasn't expecting it to be so glossy.

But in general very impressed again :) xx

jennie said...

Great post lovely! I really liked this months box, I love when they have themed boxes! It seems to make everything a bit more coherent! xo

Claire said...

It seems like Glossy Boxes have really improved. I got the first 3 and was really unimpressed, but they're definitely looking better.

Claire xx

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