It's those jeans again! I can't get enough of them at the moment. I found an old pair at the back of my wardrobe the other day and wore them, not thinking that I'm used to a higher rise fit....all I can say is, uncomfortable united! They kept slipping down, literally the whole day I was pulling them up as they didn't feel like they were sitting in the right place at all! I didn't like it, so am back to these beauties. I will literally wear them and wear them, I know I will!
Thankyou for all the 'cardi love' in the last post! That cardigan sure is epic, I am actually wearing it now, I hardly ever take it off, Adrian says it stinks because I wear it in bed, which I do but only to warm up, then I take it off! That's not bad....is it?! I actually bought it before that type of cardigan became trendy, believe it or not; back before we moved to Bristol Adrian lived in a very draughty house in Devon, it was freezing all the time and in winter it was particularly bad. So I actually bought this to wear at the house to stop myself getting frostbite! And it worked so the cardi has rarely been off my back since! Our house now isn't that warm so it's always handy to have, saves on the 'leccy bill and all!
Not sure if I mentioned it but I popped to Weston super Mare the other day to see my folks and we ended up going over to their local TK Maxx store. I bloody love TK Maxx, yes it's a scrimmage but I always manage to find a lovely bargain or two. Those of you who follow my Twitter will have already seen the ridiculous animal-head mugs I bagged for Age and myself, but I also bought 4 amazing Quiksilver tops, (regular followers will know I love the Quiksilver Women's line) 2 of which I later returned because a) they didn't look right and b) I had a fit of consciousness brought about by the fact that we have to pay Council Tax AND Water rates this month, double whammy. But the two I kept (a cute stripy smocky thing and a denim shirt) are just lovely and I am sure you'll be seeing them soon. Do you guys ever shop in TK Maxx? I love having a good old rummage of the rails if I have a bit of spare time, it's certainly not the sort of place you wanna be rushing in! I also bought a pair of Superga pumps in manner of Alexa Chung who's style I seem to be leaning on a lot at the moment. They're so cool but I don't know if they're maybe a bit too cool for me to wear?! Don't know if I can pull them off but I'll have a good go! 
The rest of today's look consists of the other permanent wardrobe feature, aside from my jeans-my leather jacket that I can't seem to take off, and this yum scrum pink belt from OASAP. My shirt is yonks old but it's a goodie-Fin Oslo from ASOS, it's longer at the front than the back so I thought I'd go for a 'half tuck' look, which maybe makes me look a bit dishevelled (ditto my hairdo!) but I like it!
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

Lovely outfit! The turned up jeans look great with the shirt and jacket!
Haha I know what you mean, i love TK Maxx too, there's always at least one treasure hidden for me there ;)

Paint it Black said...

Love your outfit and the shirt half in half out looks awesome.I love your belt too I want a skinny neon yellow one. I am also not good at finding things at TK Maxx either xoxo

Paint it Black said...

What I meant by that last comment was that I am useless at charity shop hunting and TK Maxx hunting unlike yourself xoxo

theheadlessstylist said...

Heya, just found your blog and I think you have amazing style. Would love if you could come and check my blog out and if you like it, maybe we could follow each other just follow and leave me a comment xx
great blog, its lovely finding something new to read


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love the effortlessly preppy look! =)


Princess and the pea x said...

Heart this hun, love the cool tuck situation going on. I adore TK Maxx I could spend a full day squirreling around looking for good nuts ( I'm nuts). There isn't one close to me here in London but when I go see my family up north I go with my Mum as she is the same as me, my friends hate the place.
Nothing is too cool for you Miss if it's good enough for Alexa it is good enough for Amis.


Have a lovely day poppet xx

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