Roll Up

Ever since my eBay hauls started dropping through my letter box I couldn't wait to get them on my back. I adore this 60's bow blouse, the colours are really me and the shape is just lovely. I wore it with my vintage pegs which were rescued from a chazzer for a couple of quid. I had to roll them mind, to wear with these FC boots as otherwise they made me look totes stumpy. I think they look nice with the boots however and actually make me look a bit taller, if that's possible.
My hair is going from bad to worse but whatcha gonna do. I need to get it cut and coloured bad but funds are lacking so it'll probs be a home dye job and a fiddle about with the kitchen scissors when I get round to it. I have a week off coming up soon so I am sure I'll do it then.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I am spending it all at work so make sure to have a great time for me :(
XO Amie
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