Photo Hijack

Haha, last photo LOLZ or what!! Age is totes getting in on the blog action with a pitch invasion!! I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last 2 days, I've only turned my computer on this evening for the first time since Friday. I've been mad at work and super busy with late nights and early morning so my blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside a little, which I hate! but it can't be helped unfortunately.
So on Friday Adrian and I went for a little explore round an area of Bristol I'd never been to before. It was cool because there were some nice little charity shops there and I picked up a lovely pair of vintage heels and a pair of boat shoes (weirdly identical to Adrian's ones, so we're now shoe twinsies) and Adrian got a snazzy jumper and Jurassic Park on audiotape for 25p which was his bargain of the day. I wore this quite basic outfit but it was nice weather so I didn't really want to wear a coat. This snuggly jumper was toasty enough in the sunshine and it was so nice to not to have to hulk a coat around with me. I am wearing the Quiksilver Women's shirt I forgot I had and now can't stop wearing, and ASOS White high waisted jeans which I was going to have taken up as they're much too long for me but actually they look alright rolled up so I might just wear them like this. 
I have been wanting some Converse style high tops for ages but I popped into Primark today to get some socks (as you do) and clocked a very similar styled pair in a light beige colour for just £8. I couldn't convince myself to spend £40 on a pair of canvas trainers so these seemed like a good alternative, and I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon :)
Hope you had a great weekend and I'll do my best to get my posts back to normal this week!
XO Amie
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Lara Inez said...

love that jumper!! xx

Nicolette said...

that last photo is adorable :) love your outfit, looks super comfortable! your shoes are so cute!


Alexandra said...

Lol at your photos & Adrian's socks haha
Your hair is looking so nice & shiney

Claudia Kitten said...

Love the jumper over the shirt.
Claudia xxx

The Raspberry Lipstick said...

such a fabulous style! you look stunning!!!

Paint it Black said...

ha ha love the last pic cool socks ;) Loving the outfit and your hair looks awesome like this xoxo

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