So, you may remember I wrote about my Marni x H&M experience  a few weeks ago, and today, 12 days later, my much awaited and longed for sandals arrived. I was soo excited, I ripped open the box and almost swooned with joy at the gorgeous packaging, Marni shoe bag, and soft leather sandals that lay before me. Then I tried them on, and thought, blimey! my feet must have shrunk, they're massive! I checked the size lable on the sandals and my heart sank...they'd only gone and sent the wrong size. I knew something would go awry with this order, I remember writing it at the time and sure enough, bitter disappointment ensued. I quickly got on the phone to customer services who have dispatched me another pair, with free p&p and a 10% discount, but the lady I spoke to did say that there was only one pair left in my size so I am not holding my breath for them to come. Oh well...I suppose if they don't, it's not meant to be. I think it's worse now that I've seen them, and held them in my hands! they're sooooo lovely. Now they're gloating at me from across the room, resplendent in their box because my baby sized feet won't fit them. Dammit!
In happier news, looksie my lovely shiny Clarks brogues. You might remember I blogged about them here and I have worn them since but kept forgetting to snap a pic! So here are some.They're so comfy and get a LOT of attention! You can buy them yourself from the Clark's website here.
Wearing: vintage top & thrifted jeans, Clarks shoes, Quiksilver jacket.
Hope you've all had a lovely day. It's been so sunny here I just want summer to come now!
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