That's so Raven

Jacket: Zara
Blouse: Quiksilver
Jeans: ASOS White Lable
Boots: Clarks

I've had to go hell for layering over the last couple of days because it's gone cold again! boo. Although this morning was really sunny and bright, there's a distinct chill in the air. I had the day off today so thought I would check out the local chazzers, no luck unfortch, well not for me, Adrian hit gold on the record front and was very pleased with his haul but I couldn't see anything I liked, oh well, there'll be other days. I sat in the garden in the afternoon and soaked up the sun, it felt sooooo nice!
Adrian always teases me about this coat because he says I look like a bird in it, especially with my little yellow gloves on ;) I suppose it does look a bit winglike, with the faux fur on the arms. I love it all the same! What do you guys think of it?!
I have to share with you a fantastic little personal stylist's site I've found, Stylescout. Check it out for wonderful personal styling tips and a supercute blog with loads of clothing reviews and tips on how to wear new seasons pieces.
Right-I'm off to do some Pilates :)
XO Amie
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lucy jarvis said...

Your jacket is amazing!


stylescout said...

Love the jacket...Big bird indeed! You look great as always. As for the trainers, I'm with you there. I hate my trainers with a passion, not improved by the fact that I was advised to go a size larger, think Frodo the Hobbit and you're there,lolloping along... Its so not a look and no, I won't be posting the photos any time soon. Have a great stylish day and I await your next blog with anticipation x

Hannah Wilkinson said...

I love this outfit, the layering of clothes look great.I don't think men can appreciate certain things we can; I personally love the coat!

Alexandra said...

Super cute outfit amie! That jacket is sooo cool

Vix said...

Wah! That jacket makes me want to weep with joy! can there be a more fabulous jacket? I love it and love it on you even more, you look like a sexy rock chick. xxx

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