Catch from the Bay

I seem to have attracted a few new followers over the last few days so a big hello and welcome to you all; come on in, there's tea and ginger cake on the go so make yourselves comfy. I wanted to share with you a little haul of goodies I pilfered from good old eBay the other day! (well, actually it's been over several days, new things keep appearing, it's a little like Christmas!) What I love about eBay is that there's always something to be found, be it random, interesting, beautiful or bonkers, search and ye shall find treasure in the bay. I went through a long spell of being completely unable to win a thing (I'm no use with these bid snipe sites, though I am sure that is the way forward...) no, I either put in my max bid and pop off and make a cuppa (if it's meant to be and all that), or sit in front of the computer and froth at the mouth when I am outbid in the last 3 seconds. Last week my luck must have been on the turn, mind, as I won several things at a bargainistic price. Let me talk you through them. Exhibit one, a rather pretty 1960's cream and mustard polka dot blouse came in at the £2 mark. A pair of fully lined, 80's finest high waisted tan peg trousers (to keep or to cut into shorts, that's the new dilemma) barely busted my purse seams at a fiver, and the wonderous black suede, flat, over the knee pirate boots were nabbed for a rather gutbusting £4. The last pictures are the details of a gorgeous 70's midi dress, I couldn't get it to photograph looking like anything other than grannys old rags but I am sure it will look better on :) it's so pretty and all for £2. I also bought some vintage polka dot culottes (99p) and a lush vintage peter pan collared dress (£5) which are lost in the bedroom and in the ironing pile respectively, and still to come are a blonde faux fur coat (£5.51) and a vintage handmade faux fur collared blazer (£3). Oh I love a bargain! 
What's been your best eBay buy? Do you shop there?
XO Amie
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Vix said...

Hooray for eBay! I love all your buys especially those tan pegs. Show us (and the midi dress) them on, please!
I'm showing off today's latest eBay delivery, a pair of 1970s handmade platforms in rainbow colours.
Goofbay is ace, never let me down yet! xxx

Amy Jessica said...

Ebay drives me crazy, you put your bid in within the last 10 seconds and still you don't win! But you've got some lovely pieces there for amazing prices, think I'll be having a little looksie at ebay in the next few days...Fab Post!
much love

Gemma said...

Any handy tips on finding these bargains? What do you search for or do you just watch the ending soonest items? It's funny how eBay seems to have its intense moments. Mine usually start following a clear out when I buy double the amount I sell!

Gemma said...

Wow that's some bargains! Have you got tips on finding them? What do you search for? The items ending soonest? My eBay spurges tend to follow clear outs but I spend double the amount I have earnt!

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