Little Yellow Gloves

Gloves: Primark
Dress: Vintage
Boots: Minelli
Jumper, Belt: Gap

Apologies there was no post yesterday, it was one of those days and I just wanted to jump into bed after I finished work! I've had a much better day today mind and wanted to show you my little leather gloves that I bought from Primark-I left my wooly gloves at my mums and it's been so cold I had to get another pair. These were only £4 and they keep my hands toasty warm :)
After work I spent a couple of hours out in my garden, which is where I take my pictures. We have a courtyard and then you go up some steps to a tiny patch of garden which I am trying to overhaul in time for summer. I plan to plant loads of flowers and make it look and smell lovely. I really missed not having a garden last summer when we lived in a flat, so when we decided to move the most important thing for us was to have a bit of outside space to call our own. So I intend to make the most of it by making it look as lovely as possible. I swept all the courtyard today and the steps, and ended up taking out 3 huge bags of trash so it was a job well done, though I am tired now!
Needless to say I changed into more suitable attire to garden in, much as I'd like to go all Jane Austen and float about the garden in my midi, I'd probably fall down the steps so I put my trousers on. 
I've been having a huge clearout of my wardrobe and I actually have hardly anything left, I've made a huge dent into the stockpile of clothes I no longer wear, and charity shopped most of it. I've also made a start on my pile of mending which means that clothes I bought over a year ago can now be used because I've finally fixed them. So it's been a productive afternoon!
XO Amie
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