20 Below

Cardigan, Skirt: Vintage
Boots: French Connection

I am so cold! It's flipping freezing today and we even had a dusting of snow, which has sure enough turned to slush. I skidded my way down the road home narrowly avoiding stacking it on more than one occasion! I absolutely hate being cold, so I use winter weather as an opportunity to layer, layer, layer. Underneath this skirt I am wearing 2 pairs of tights and a slip, and under my cardigan, a vest, long sleeve tee, and a short sleeved one. I pinned my cardigan, which is wool (and therefore very cosy) at a wonky angle in a flash of Viv Westwood inspiration. I love the draping and folds of the pieces she designs, but unfortch don't have the bank balance to own any myself, just yet. 
Speaking of bank balances, I spent this afternoon in the bank re-assessing my savings plan, I am trying super hard to save money every month rather than spending it on needless fripperies which I end up being bored with after a couple of wears, or worse, fall apart-I've had to return the lovely H&M gold jumper I wore at Christmas because after one wash, the wool all unravelled. Sad times. I have made a couple of payday purchases, which I am sure I'll show you soon, but they aren't from any high street shops :D
Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
XO Amie
PS look how long my hair is getting! yay!
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