20 Below

Cardigan, Skirt: Vintage
Boots: French Connection

I am so cold! It's flipping freezing today and we even had a dusting of snow, which has sure enough turned to slush. I skidded my way down the road home narrowly avoiding stacking it on more than one occasion! I absolutely hate being cold, so I use winter weather as an opportunity to layer, layer, layer. Underneath this skirt I am wearing 2 pairs of tights and a slip, and under my cardigan, a vest, long sleeve tee, and a short sleeved one. I pinned my cardigan, which is wool (and therefore very cosy) at a wonky angle in a flash of Viv Westwood inspiration. I love the draping and folds of the pieces she designs, but unfortch don't have the bank balance to own any myself, just yet. 
Speaking of bank balances, I spent this afternoon in the bank re-assessing my savings plan, I am trying super hard to save money every month rather than spending it on needless fripperies which I end up being bored with after a couple of wears, or worse, fall apart-I've had to return the lovely H&M gold jumper I wore at Christmas because after one wash, the wool all unravelled. Sad times. I have made a couple of payday purchases, which I am sure I'll show you soon, but they aren't from any high street shops :D
Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
XO Amie
PS look how long my hair is getting! yay!
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Alexandra said...

Your savIng for a trip to aus arnt you!!!
Love that skirt

Maria- CityLaundry said...

lovely skirt! hope you are staying warm!


Vix said...

Your hair is getting long and it really suits you.
Skirts and dresses are the perfect thing when it's Arctic out there, I wear so many layers under my clothes I must gain about 2 stone but it's better than freezing.
That skirt is gorgeous. x

Anonymous said...

love the preppy-ness! You can soooo pull of the midi length, i don't quite have the balls to do try it yet! lol

p.s thank you for your lovely comment!!


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