Slight Fail

Body Chain, Pleather Pants, Blazer: Topshop
Boots: Bullboxer
Dress: Quiksilver Women's
Bracelet: Luxla

Yes, I know this is supposed to be a 7 day skirt style challenge, and this is not a skirt, though it does have one, albeit a very very short one...this Quiksilver Women's dress is super pretty but also incredibly short so to save your retinas I deigned to put on some skinny pleather pants. I scrunched them up on the legs to channel the Sass & Bide 'Black Rats' style drainpipes that were so huge a few seasons ago; I do feel like this is a slight fail really as I said I wouldn't wear trousers but I couldn't go out with a dress this short without something to protect my modesty! I think it looks ok, I like the contrast between the pure white embroidery anglais dress and the shiny and slick pleather pants. 
Back to a skirt tomorrow! Well, I'll do my best!
XO Amie
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