Chalet Girl

Jumper: Topman
Furry Friend: H&M
Skirt: Jigsaw
Coat: Topshop, via a charity shop
Ring: Made

I feel very girlie in this get up, which is a million miles from anything I'd usually wear! Well, I must have thought I'd wear it at some point, since I did buy it all after all. But normally the jumper would be teamed with peg trousers, but today, in keeping with my "Skirt Style Challenge", out comes this Jigsaw skirt which, I must admit, I'm not sure of. I love the prom-y shape but I think the length is bordering on doing me no favours, but I like the pockets-oh, it's a pro and con skirt for sure!
I do like it, however, mixed with the heavier jumper and I chose tights that aren't black so as not to totally deaden it. These ones are from Topshop and were £1 fished out of the bargain bin!
You can kind of see a vintage polka dot blouse I'm wearing too, the collar is just poking out. I have to fall back on layering a lot in the winter as I am cold so much of the time! However it's been unseasonably mild so I'm sure I'll get a bigger shock if and when the weather changes!
A big howdy to all my new followers too! Great to have you :D
XO Amie
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Unknown said...

This title is so strange as I was researching chalet girl jobs earlier!! haha. Tis a lovely outfit but I have to disagree...I really like the skirt length, especially with the tucked in jumper although I know how you feel I always feel uncompfortable in longer length skirts as I have been used to wearing mini's for so long! xx

Princess and the pea x said...

Another fabulous skirt hun and styled to perfection loving the skirt challenge can't wait to see tomorrows xoxo

Vix said...

That's a very different skirt length for you, Amie, but dammit you look cute! I knew that coat looked familiar, my friend Cheryl tracked one down on eBay last year. Loved that collection, really "vintage-y" and fab quality. x

Stephanie said...

Lovely outfit! I love how it's light and girly, but still suitable for winter! You've inspired me to get girly with skirts again! Adoring following this challenge1 Can't wait to see what's next :) xx

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so completely lovely hun. Whites and off whites really do look lovely on you hun.Looking forward to seeing how you round off this skirt challenge week ^_^


Jessica said...

love the outfit! the coat and that little bubble ring are so adorable :)

Alexandra said...

Cute skirt, that jacket is stunning

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