Cardigan: The Gap

So, leaving for work and returning from work both occurred in the dark today, and so outfit post photos outside were out of the question. I really wanted to show you my purhcase of the season so far: this beautiful oversized fairisle cardigan. I bought it in the sales, it was reduced from £80 to £25 which is the kind of bargain I like!
I have been super proactive with my wardrobe clearout and here you can see Alexa my clothing rail, resplendant in her (emptying) glory. She is a bit squashed in our new bedroom but it was a case of making her fit as we went from having a huge double wardrobe in our spare room which we'd filled, to, er, no spare room, and a tiny built in wardrobe in our bedroom. You know in that Sex and the City episode where Carrie has to investigate moving house since she'd sold it to Aiden, and well, we all know how that ended, and she checks out that apartment that smells of takeout curry and has a rack on the door to hang the shoes? 'I'll hang myself on the door if I have to live here.' Well, that's about the size of our built in wardrobe and yes, it is filled with my shoes (in boxes, not a rack, totes) and my ever massive coat collection which I will be pillaging in the new year as I have set my heart on a new leather jacket and a coat from The Kooples (I can drream.) But yes, the wardrobe is emptying nicely and I am finding myself closer to attaining the 'capsule wardrobe' that I long for!
I have made a couple of new purchases, mainly for the party season, which I will endeavour to show you soon: a very Carrie (ironically, since we were just talking about her) tutu style midi skirt, which I have already worn with kicky ankle boots and plan to wear on Christmas day, and a rather lovely burnished gold cropped jumper. I have also found the perfect pair of pointy courts in leopard print from Dune via TK Maxx, which I will twitpic later and try and get on the blog ASAP! They're amaze and I have been searching for them for ages so I was super pleased to find them.
Hope you've enjoyed your weekend! eeeek it's nearly Christmas!!
XO Amie
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Paint it Black said...

I love this cardigan and what a steal. I really want a pair of pointy courts cant find a decent pair anywhere I will have to check out TK Maxx.
We have started stocking Kooples at work their sale seems quite good I applied for the Managers job but sadly did not get it :(( I would of loved to work for them xoxo

Anonymous said...

lovely photos! You have such a lovely blog xx


Unknown said...

That cardigan looks so cosy! I saw it in GAP, it's lovely, good purchase :)

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