Jacket: Vintage
Jumper: Gant (thrifted)
Pants: Gap
Boots: Clarks

I thought it would be cool to try an all-black look today. I don't often dress head to toe in one colour unless it's black (which I guess isn't really a colour as such!) but if I ever do, I like to make my mantra 'texture,texture,texture.' It's so important to stop a single-shade outfit looking flat, I think. I added a bit of pep with red lippy and my faithful furry companion, but I wanted the emphasis of the look to be on the materials of the clothing I was wearing. I chose wool pants by Gap, which I wore with this thrifted Gant sweater which is quite fuzzy/mohair-esque (the pictures don't display either of these fabrics to their best!) and I added an edge with polished leather boots and a scuffed leather jacket which I picked up in a chazzer for about a tenner. I turned the jumper cuffs back over the leather jacket to add more interest. I like the overall effect although I probably wouldn't wear all-black that often, look at my pale face!! It sure is draining!!
I worked with a darling fashion pal today, Belle, who has inspired me to dig out my body chain again (she wore one today and looked ace!) So keep your eyes peeled for it coming up soon!
XO Amie
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Anna said...

Great all black :D
Love the jacket.
Kisses, dear! :)

Caroline said...

I agree adding some texture to the black really lifts the outfit and stops it looking boring! The fur looks great against the leather jacket :) x

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