Trousers: Topshop
Jumper: Bennetton (via chazzer)
Blouse: Vintage 
Shoes: Zara (via chazzer)
Jacket: River Island

I am wearing a lot of high street things in these photos but most of them came via a charity shop. The Bennetton jumper is a cashmere mix and was £2.99, the vintage lace collared blouse £1.99 (and also a size 16, but it just proves vintage sizing means nothing as it fits me just how I like it). The shoes were £5 despite being brand new Zara ones and actually my Topshop trousers were a barry-arg as I bought them with my Stylist mag discount card making them a paltry £8. The jacket is aeons old but is a shape that never dates and, well, you know I love a bit of leopard print-it's always in style in my book. 
This is a bit of a dark outfit for me but I am trying to re-assess my wardrobe at the moment. I am getting rid of so much and not feeling an inch of remorse, though I probably will in 6 months time. I have also blitzed my CD collection and made almost £50 flogging knackered old Nickleback and the like albums to the folks at Music Magpie-turns out my tragic 90's/noughties cd's do have some value. Adrian was practically turning puce at the sight of me being so ruthless-as an out and out muso, he can't comprehend my emotional detatchment to my music collection but to be honest I am at a point now where so much of it is on my mp3 player, the cd's are in the way of everything and are totes cracking me up. So they had to go and hey, if I can make a penny or two in the process, so much the better. Safe to say Adrian creamed off the best bits of my hoard (about 3 cds, ha!) and I did keep about 20 discs in all-ones Age had given me, ones that I will probably listen to again (see: The Spice Girls Greatest Hits) but all the ones I bought on a whim, or for one single and the rest of the album was crap-see ya!
The clothing side, however, is proving more difficult. I love eBay but it's such a faff listing things and fannying about posting them off-but I will make the effort with things I think I'll make money on. The rest is destined for the chazzer where I like to think I will make some other thrifter very happy-I've already sent several pairs of leather shoes packing along with a few little tops and some accessories, plus the entire Sheryl Crow back catalogue-who knew she was no longer in vogue? Even Music Magpie wouldn't have her! The cheek!
Thankyou for all the comments over the last few posts! I like to feel like I am back on it now after our move and I love catching up with all your blogs too!
XO Amie
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mystyledefine said...

awesome outfit - as always! :o)

I wish I could be that ruthless! Mine & the bf's c.ds and vinyls take up so much room in our flat, but I don't think we'll ever be able to chuck any out. There is someting about having music & the artwork, esp. with vinyls that I'll mever get fed up of.
Ebay is a giant faff, but worth it if you are making some ££'s from it!

Kim said...

Love everything about this outfit! But especially the shoes, they are gorgeous, I really could do with some simple wedges like these.

Also your hair is fantastic! If I was brave enough to cut mine a little shorter I'd love a full bouncy long bob like this. xx

Rachel said...

Love love your outfit! Especially the collar and the jacket x

Tanyabell said...

cute shoes!

NaomiDee said...

oooh i could never get rid of any of my lp's or cd's..even the really embarrassing ones *looks over to entire U2 back catalogue* haha! Ebay is a major hassle getting it set up and things..but its simples from then on.
You look so chic as always and i'm in love with that collar!

Joanna. said...

Seriously envious of your blouse :)

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