Apple Jack

Top, Trousers, Hat: The Gap
Jewels: Vintage, ASOS White, Made
Boots: Toppers (present from Adrian)

I need to stress that I wore my poppy today, I had it on my coat but then pinned it to my top in the day (after these photo's were taken.) I think it's really important to remember those who have lost their lives defending our country and also those who continue to defend it day by day. My cousin did a tour earlier this year and we were all so relieved when he came home safely. But we must spend a moment to think of those who aren't so lucky, and who's loved ones don't come home.
I am wearing the most basic outfit ever today but I love it, this tee shirt is so cute and the trousers are very Houlihan-esque, which I know is so last year but oh well! I found these boots when I was sorting a load of gubbins out in my wardrobe, I forgot I had them and I love them. Adrian bought them for me last year, he saw I was watching them on eBay and secretly sneaked on and bought them without my knowing. Bless him!
Our garden has a huge apple tree right next to it, and the windfalls are filling up our garden rapidly. Clearly no one has been scrumping and I wish I could reach to pick a few of the less wasp-infested ones down! Obviously a bumper crop this year!
XO Amie
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LittleMissLee said...

simple but super cute outfit, you look fab


maria said...

LOOOOVE your style ! Nice blog :)I'm now following you !

I've just started my own blog, check it out if you want, and follow :)

maria said...

LOOOOVE it! your style is so amazing :)I'm now following you !

I've just started my own blog, check it out if you want, and follow :)

Kirsten said...

Very cool outfit! I need to get a hat like that :)


Yuliya said...

Looking great hun! I love your boots! xxx

lauraelizabeth said...

I love the jumper and trousers! <3

Alexandra said...

Lovely photos, this is such a cute hat

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