Things ain't cooking in my Kitchen...

It's no great admission that I'm no cook. Adrian did know this before he decided to live with me! I am trying to get better and I firmly believe a decent environment in which to learn will make a big difference. Hence, some snaps of our kitchen! I change aspects of it all the time and the biggest hitch I find is that we don't have top level cupboards which means that everything is a bit cramped, but somehow we make things work. The kitchen is light and airy and has good views, which is a plus! Our style is a mix of shabby chic and modern eclectism, I love Habitat (before it shut down!) and Emma Bridgewater for utensils, Rob Ryan (I dream of owning all the Rob Ryan crockery) and vintage/thrifted/bootsaled pieces everywhere else. I just thought I'd share some pics with you of our bits and bobs-hope you like! 
XO Amie 
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Paint it Black said...

great pics hun I cant cook either I am so bad at it I even got a G in GCSE Food Science ha ha xoxo

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I can't cook either lol. Your kitchen is nice! I like it. I especially like the salt and pepper containers. Too cute!

XoXo, Bree
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Yuliya said...

cute cute cute! xxx

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