Can You Feel It?

Once again, I'm starting off a post with an apology! Yesterday I had to work and then straight after, Adrian and I went to watch our friend who'd put on a stand up comedy night. It was really good and though we both enjoyed it, it did mean a late night for us both!
I am love, love, loving textured footwear at the moment. I even tried on a pair of those glittery smoking slippers the other day, though I am not entirely sure glittery shoes are my thing, despite their increasing popularity! One 'thing' that will always be mine, though, is a love for a luxe fabric, and if this is placed south of my ankles, so much the better! 
What do you make of these picks? They're all new in at Spartoo, I am loving the Ras leopard print hair smoking slippers, and the 80's esque courts from Perlato. The brushed suede uppers of the Paco Gil courts, along with their glorious colours, nod to the 70's trend perfectly and the Kat Maconie boots...well, need I say more?! *love!*
Images and product via Spartoo
XO Amie
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Crazy for fashion said...

Great choices! I love them! <3<3

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