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Firstly, I need to apologise for the lack of post yesterday, I didn't get in from work until gone 10pm and I literally fell into bed! I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks and my outfit posts have fallen by the wayside so badly! But I'm hoping they'll pick up going forward! In the meantime I thought I'd share a quick DIY necklace, this sharks tooth was a present from my brother after he travelled around America and I added it to another necklace I've got to give it a bit of bite! I love it, what do you guys think?
XO Amie
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Maria- CityLaundry said...

my friend has a necklace very similar to the one you've made out of the shark tooth!
i like them very much :)

Anonymous said...

The necklace is amazing, I should really customise some of my jewellery x

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