What I Wore-Fall Transition 2010

Looking through a selection of posts that had been consigned to the 'draft' folder of my blogger dashboard, I found these. I couldn't remember if I'd published these images before but I love the texture and the feel of the background so I thought it wouldn't hurt to share them again! I am wearing my signature uniform of skinny pants and a classic white tee, together with those ASOS Shoeboots that are having quite the revival of late. This must have been September 2010 time as I am at my mums here and obviously hadn't moved away, plus look at my hair-it's so short it barely goes into a side bun!
Apologies if they're old news but it's pleasing to know that my style hasn't really changed a huge amount in a year; I look back at photo's of me in my teens now and am always like, 'what was I thinking!?' Do you do this too!? I think as a teen I experienced so many errors in fashion judgement because I was really creative with my looks and didn't really care for trends (and it shows!) plus being a teen in the 90's meant that there wasn't really that much in the name of real 'fashion,' the heroin chic, waif look was the way to go and style wise everyone was either in those really simple spaghetti-strap slip dresses, with boyfriend knits chucked over (though they were usually actually someone's boyfriends jumper, not styled to look as such) or you were super grunge, with plaid shirts and boys jeans with bovver boots or hideous chunky trainers (the Spice Girls/All Saints [the group, not the brand!] have a lot to answer for!) As I got a bit older (and discovered Carrie Bradshaw!) my look became a little more streamlined although now, at 28, I feel I am really hitting my stride style wise; I no longer wear 'trends' that don't suit my style, but prefer to invest in classic pieces with longevity and make sartorial style choices which I hope will become 'my' timeless 'go-to's.' I know this doesn't make me the most stylish individual but it does make me quietly confident in my own style and I think that is half the battle; if you feel good, it'll show.
What do you think of your previous style selections? Have you always had great style, or has it come with age and experience?
XO Amie 
PS I still wear that thrifted leather jacket too-though now I am more inclined to wear it as a jacket with the sleeves pushed up, than a makeshift cape! It cost me £10 from a charity shop and I absolutely love it. See, thats the thing; if you love something, you'll always find a reason to wear it, regardless of whether it's 'on trend' or not.
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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

<3 I love looking back on old blog photos of me, my hair's changed mostly too. x hivenn

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