Last of the Holiday snaps!

Blouse: Vintage (gift from mum)
Skirt: Vintage (thrifted)
Brogues: Primark
Belt: The Gap
Jewellery, Watch: Vintage

I claim these to be my final batch of holiday snaps but actually I've remembered I've got some others to share, not outfit ones but just snaps I took when I went home for the week that Adrian went on tour. I really missed home this time, when I got there I was like, argh, I am not a city girl AT ALL, even though my mum thinks I have become too smartly dressed to live in the country! Anyway, being back by the coast brought back a huge urge to start surfing again (before I started my blog, I was a keen shortboard surfer, and I surfed for 5 years or so, but as there's no seaside in Bristol I've had to give up on my deep sea dreams for now!) However I'll definitely start up again when we move back to Devon one day; I also want to pick up my other hobby that has fallen by the wayside since we moved-latin and ballroom dancing. This I could do in Bristol, but I was taught by the same couple for over 3 years and I don't know if I'd feel like I was betraying them by going to another teacher! I miss it SO much though, I might have to!

Anyway, back to the clothes! My mum had a bit of a wardrobe sort out before I came down and I went back to the city with two blouses and a pair of trousers-thanks mum! This is one of the blouses, it's so pretty, it's cream with a button down back and lovely almost leg of mutton sleeves. I wonder if I'm wearing it backwards actually but oh well-I like it like this!
The skirt is a layby on the way to my Whistles Carrie dream. I'm trying to work out the percentage cost of this skirt to the Carrie, which is £125 whilst this one cost me £1. Ok, it's not knifepleated, but it is polkadotted and the perfect midi length. I'd usually wear something like this with heels but I didn't take many pairs home with me so I tried it with a brogue and I think it looks ok. I finished it off with a patent belt; it's all very mix and match with a slightly smartish take which is totes my look at the moment.

Don't get me started on the weather-it's like the bloody tropics here which would normally be ace but I have been super organised and cleaned, pressed and packed all my summer wardrobe away. Typical. Now I actually WANT to wear my knits, leather and fur but no, the sun puts his sodding hat on and I'm sweltering. Not that I'm complaining, despite having to work all week it's been lovely to sit out on my lunch hour and soak up the sunshine. I suppose I've got all winter to keep warm!

Still haven't decided what to do with my hair...think I'm going to go dark but still not committed yet!! 
XO Amie
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Vix said...

Oh Amie, that's one gorgeous outfit! You are so lucky that your Mum held on to that pretty blouse. That skirt is perfect, just as good as anything on the high street and a quid? Wow!
I can see how you'd feel like you were betraying the previous dance teachers by swapping allegiance but I bet they'd rather you carried on with the dancing after all your previous effort. xxx

Lyndsey said...

oh my gosh i LOVE your outfit! you look stunning!
lynds of hellolyndsey

Anonymous said...

I adore your skirt, it is gorgeous. Lovely blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back.

Maria- CityLaundry said...

this outfit is just perfect,
love the shoes and colors in the skirt!

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