Wanted #001

Two little pictures, one big concept: the Whistles Carrie. I blogged about this skirt a few months ago, probably saying something about how I'd love to own it but it was so expensive-these two are £125 and £135 respectively. However, I have decided that they're something I would wear a lot of; perfect now with socks & sandals and later with tights and kicky boots. I can't decide which colourway I prefer, mind-I definitely want the 'midi' length, as I already have a skirt that sits around the knee and I wanted something longer. I absolutely adore the plummy, claret shade, but something about the leopard print is completely winning me over! They're both beautiful and I'm sure whichever I get, I'll love, I've done a bit of high street research but the closest copies I can find are both flimsy and lighweight whereas the real Carrie is swingy, heavy and a real beauty. Which one do you prefer? Do any of you guys already own one?
I'm making this 'wanted' list a regular feature of my blog so it'll be interesting which pieces from it I actually manage to buy!
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Alexandra said...

Love the red skirt, i have found some great alternatives at thrift stores.
Im suprised you have not seen any.

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