Transitional Textures....

Jacket: Zara
Trousers: Topshop
Silk Vest: Quiksilver Women
Jewellery: Vintage/ASOS White
Bag: Angel Jackson (thrifted)
You'd never believe it was August. I was woken this morning at around 7.30am by the sound of a torrential downpour coming from outside the window. I got up, made myself a cuppa and glanced out of the living room windown to what appeared to be a monsoon in full swing; it was absolutely chucking it down. A few hours later it looks as though it's beginning to dry out but there's a stiff breeze rolling a cool wind through the air; what the weatherman would no doubt call 'sunny spells with showers' is the way I'm sure the elements would be described today.
However a wet morning was put to good use catching up on my blogroll, emailing various people and sorting out bits and bobs, sticking some stuff on eBay, baking cookies and changing our bed-boring things but good to do when it's raining out. Adrian is ensconced in front of the box as the footy season begins again with aplomb, he's already placing bets frenetically and I hope his usually accurate judge of the scores comes good for him!
I feel like I've not done a proper post for ages; what with us both working so much at the moment, and doing long hours too; neither of us has had time for anything other than eating or sleeping! So I've not had anyone to take my pictures, and when Adrian is able to, I've not had the time to upload them. We're so busy we are even doing our shopping (for food!) online; also now I no longer have a car, schlepping to the shops for our weekly haul was becoming a real chore-not so much doing the shop, but carrying it all home again. We have decided to do our 'big stuff shop' online and then use the local shops for fruit and veg, milk, bread etc. I wish we had a local grocers; where Adrian used to live, there was a really nice grocers shop right across the road so you could easily nip over for some bananas and a pint of milk. There is a nice bakers in our local town however as well as a couple of really good charity shops so I can't really complain!
Anyway, my outfit: I have been loving wearing shorts when the weather's been nice, swapping from my yellow H&M ones to my Gap washed silk ones, but I can't bear the thought of wet legs so when it's raining I always choose trousers. These Topshop faux-leather ones are ideal for when it rains as the rubbery material keeps me dey, though they do squeak a little when they get rained on! I normally save them for nights out but I think they'll be a key part of my AW wardrobe; a nod to the 'fetish' trend without looking to S&M-which is never good. I tried to keep them a little more French-chic than rock-chick, I like a rock look as much as anyone, but it's not really my style, so I've teamed these trousers with a silk blouse from Quiksilver Women (part of my voucher spending spree!) and a boucle jacket which I got in the Zara sale a few months ago. It's strong shouldered so I was worried it may be a little too 'trendy' as the new shape for AW seems to be the cocoon-great as I have a slouchy parka and an 80's leather egg shaped leather jacket that I'll be reaching for again, as well as a tweedy number which I'm sure I'll wear a lot-but I love the style and the leather trims and it looks more than a little Chanel so obviously it was a necessary purchase-that, and it was in the sale too. Winning!
I love mixing textures in my looks and as you can see, it's all going on here: boucle, pleather, patent, suede, silk...lovely. The boots are from Spartoo and are possibly the comfiest boots I've ever worn, they're quite high but ever so easy to wear and tone down the look of the trousers in a way shoes or sandals never could.
I'm finding my 'one piece a month' project strangely liberating. I had a wobble when a very stylish girl I work with was sporting some really lovely trousers which she told me she'd bought from Primark for £8. Instantly I wanted to go and buy some but I restrained myself because, how many millions of pairs of trousers do I have already!? And I'm glad I did because it means more money to spend on something special that I'll keep for ever.  It's also helping me to clarify my wardrobe and really begin to build a working wardrobe of pieces that I'll wear all the time.
Hope you're having a fab weekend :)
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Anonymous said...

love love love this outfit!! probably one of my fave outfits of yours.. everything works so well together!

Princess and the pea x said...

Fab outfit hun, yes hello fantastic August weather noooooottt!! it is pouring down in London as I type boooooo!

I need your bag it is amazing lucky girl, my hubbie bought me the belt years ago I still adore it now.


Uclan Work said...

Im in love with this.
The leather, the patterns and texture on the jacket! AHH i want it all.

Great post.

Shara said...

very hot pants!

Stacey Kay said...

Fabulous jacket! Found you on Hello Lyndsey! Now following!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
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Lyndsey said...

omg you look AMAZING! wow you pulled off those pants sooooooooo great!!
lynds of hellolyndsey

helen turnbull said...

Ooh Hello! This is lush.

Helen, X

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