Saturday Fail...

Hat, Shorts, Belt: Gap
Blouse: Primark
Shoes: Vintage
Sunnies: Vintage
Ring: Rachel Leigh
 Well, if the weather isn't playing havoc with my wardrobe, then it seems the sheer novelty of having a weekend off work is sending me a little doolally. I am so annoyed with myself-Adrian and I had planned to go carbootin this morning and for some reason, I got it into my head that it was Sunday (must be the rarified fact that I never work Sundays, but Adrian does now; though this is a recent development and prior to this we always had Sundays off together, so maybe I just assumed it was a Sunday, and plus we went out for a little bit last night so I must have thought it was Saturday night rather than Friday night.) Anyway the upshot of all this was that I checked the Sunday timetable for the bus, rather than the Saturday one (plonker) and we missed the bus that would have got there on time; and the next bus wouldn't have got us there in time (the boot sale ended at 12.30 today, and Adrian had to go to the post office before we could go this morning.) TUT! So I was all super excited to attend my first bootsale in a blimming age, and then we couldn't go. Gutted.
Still, never mind. I've saved myself the bus fare, and anyway, am consoling myself with the fact that due to the monsoon rains we had this morning, the sale would probably have been fairly sparsley attended anyway. 
The afternoon was spent tripping up to the local town where Age snaffled himself a rather natty leather wallet for a mere buck, and then we put together the two chairs we bought from Ikea about 3 weeks ago which have sat gathering dust in the living room. So at least we've had a productive day, if not in the manner we originally intended. The evening will be spent with yummy food and the first DVD to come out of our LoveFilm subscription-just what's needed after a busy day!
I'll breifly mention my outfit: most of it is the result of some serious bargain hunting, as I grabbed all the Gap items in the summer sale. Shorts £32.95 £6.99, Belt £19.99 £2.99. Shows what a bit of a rummage and hanging out til the end of the sales can achieve. I love the shorts, they're quite smart and made of that lovely washed silk effect fabric so they're drapey, not structured, and simply divine-though they crease like nobody's buisness!
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Unknown said...

Love this outfit! What a bargain too, well done at the rummaging!! x

Paige Rhianne said...

I love your outfit, gorgeous colour too!

Jessica said...

Such a pretty outfit. The weather here is miserably hot. I hope you are having an amazing weekend.

P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog. I hope you will jump over and enter.

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