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Hey everyone! Wow firstly, thankyou for the reaction to the blog post I wrote yesterday, I was really interested to see that a lot of you also feel the same way. I think what I was getting at was that, no blogger is perfect; even the girls you see who always look perfectly put together aren't (I'm sure) like that all the time, unless they are, indeed, alien beings..! Thats why I wanted to show you I wear my trackies, I slob about, I'm not 'on it' all the time (I'm not on it most of the time, truly!) Maybe its just my way of showing you another facet to my personality, I mean, my blog is a representation of me, so I'm not going to hide the fact that I wear a tracksuit now and again (even if I profess I'd feel far cooler if I didn't!). It was quite hard to write that post actually because I wasn't sure of the reaction it would get and I'm still not the most confident person when it comes to tackling sensitive subjects, which this does seem to be. I was asked whereabouts I'd seen these posts from Bloggers seeming a little envious or 'it's not fair-y' and to be honest, it doesn't seem to be 'posts' as such (unless I've been writing them-ha!) but I am always seeing comments of that nature on a lot of successful blogs, which must be hard for that blogger to read. I unfortunately had to change my comment moderation settings after an anonymous user started posting nasty things on my blog; not sayin' it's cause my blog is great, but it does seem to be a problem within the blogging fraternity. Howsabout we all just stay friends, no?!
Just posting a few pics of recent sale nabs. I always try to buy things in the sale that I think I will get a lot of use from, and as such I don't tend to buy particularly 'trendy' pieces, though the sales are also a good time to try those. So far I've snagged the Topshop 'Aiden' boots which I saw went down to £20 on the website, but sold out in a flash, luckily my local store still had a pair in my size so I grabbed them. I'm putting them away immediately until the winter months but I think I'll need some styling advice; how to wear such a basic ankle boot? Could I wear them with harems? Peg trousers? Or will I need to go for a dress/skirt? Decisions decisions! Footwear wise I've also invested in two pairs of sandals from Zara-red thong pair reduced from £49.99 to £15.99 and white glads £29.99 to £9.99. I'm going to take the bejewelled thong pair in my handbag to a wedding Adrian and I are going to at the end of the month-they'll go perfectly with my dress and will definitely be whipped out in the evening for dancing up a storm; I can't wait. I've got navy vintage heels for the day (my chazza shop Charles Jourdans) but after a full day in them I imagine my back will be in need of a break! Speaking of which, I am a little in love with the peachy-blushy-nude ballet pumps I found on Spartoo-they are by Pastelle and are cut a little higher than normal ballets and as such don't cut into my bunion (My fashion blogger credibility is quickly going out the window, isn't it....!)
Clothing wise, I've been fairly restrained but this is more due to the fact that I haven't seen that much I like. I am so ready for AW collections right now, working in retail I have been looking at summer stock since January and I am sick of the sight of it. Plus all the new catwalk supplements I've been getting free with my Elle's and Vogue's have just whet my appetite even more. I want to wear leather and chunky knits and high waisted trousers and silk blouses and kicky boots...oh my.
With this in mind, I've purchased a Warehouse navy blue wrap jacket, kimono-ish style with draped collar and tie belt, down to £15 from £65. It's going to work doubly hard for me because I am going to wear it to the wedding I mentioned above, over the dress I've planned to wear. I always think it's nice to wear a jacket to a wedding but it doesn't have to be all 'mother of the bride' and boring, and it's also handy to have for the evening and if the weather is cooler than you'd expect. I'm no religious nut but I do think it's appropriate to cover your shoulders in a church, and as my dress has thin straps I think a jacket is suitable to cover me up for the service. I'll definitely let you see some pics after the event as it's the first wedding Adrian and I have been invited to so I am hoping to get lots of nice photo's.
I've also bought some French Connection black peg trousers, because I know these are a staple for me which I will wear all season long. They were just £19 down from £89. Makes you wonder how much these clothes actually cost to make-the markup is ridiculous.
I found a cute boater top in Zara (can you tell I like Zara!?) in a really poppy orange colour which I plan to wear with a lot of navy through autumn, but I thought it would also look really fresh with camel and tobacco shades (in which colourway I have many things) so I am hoping it will be a hard working wardrobe addition too. Of course if you follow my blog and/or my Twitter you'll know I treated myself to a LUXLA Hex bracelet which, I'll admit, I can't take off! I love it and it was a great purchase. I am now lusting after some House of Harlow pieces-I've seen a few on eBay so I might just get lucky with those! :)
The last subject of my pictures! Yummy stuff like....Kinder Surprises which Adrian and I treated ourselves to, and I must say they made a much more welcome addition to the egg rack in the fridge than their more free range compadre's.  I love a bit of chocolate, me! I even baked Adrian some cookies the other day, how domesticated is that?! It was my first go and they came out well and looked yum, even though I had to cook them in a cake tin because it appears we have no baking trays, nor wire racks! I had no idea our kitchen was so bereft of basics-probably because I never use it. Carrie Bradshaw, when you said 'I use my oven for storage' I completely relate. Before I lived with Adrian I DID use my oven for storage, but he is slowly teaching me how to use it, and I hope to become a fully fledged domestic goddess before the year is out (ha! again). My favourite bit of the cookie picture is the tin-ancient vintage one that my mum used to keep our 'after school' treats in. I seem to have stolen it away but I don't think she minds too much :)
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Jessica said...

I am totally in love with those shoes that zip. They are so pretty. And the color is amazing.

Fourth Daughter said...

I love the Luxla bracelet... have jumped right over to their site to see more now!

daniela kate morosini said...

your photography is so brill! i do love those shoes :) xx

Karen said...

Looks like you have some great new pieces to add to your wardrobe!!! Can't wait to see how you style them!!


Rosie Savage said...

Those boots are BEAUTIFUL.
And nooo, I don't think the Stay Matte powder is getting discontinued. The store I work in just stopped doing that particular colour :)

Rosie x

Emma said...

Good for you for posting what you believe. And gosh, I love those boots with the zip - they're brilliant! x

Lyndsey said...

oooh i love love love the new goodies!!! amazing!

lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Loooove those boots!

I'm hosting a knuckle ring giveaway.
strawberry freckleface

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