Product Review: Topshop Solid Liner & Eyeshadow

What a day yesterday was! I hurt my knee, say a dead cat on the way home (boo!) and when I got in I discovered that my photo editor wasn't working properly-so I couldn't post! Typical! Anyway, it's back now and I wanted to share with you a recent purchase. I bought some Topshop makeup in the sales the other week, more to give it a try than anything; I'm a bit light on eyeshadows and have been using the same tired Clinique quad for about the past 6 months so when I saw this duo for £3 I thought it'd be worth a punt. The combo is called 'Greyscale' and for my money I got a nicely packaged compact with mirror, containing two discs of highly pigmented colour. You can apply them wet or dry depending on the colour intensity you're after-I haven't tried them wet yet but dry they smooth on really well, don't crease, and lasted my whole working day. They're like a better version of my everyday shadows-neutral colours with a hit of glittery sparkle which is much more grown up than teenybopper. Basically two thumbs up  from me!
I also bought the solid eyeliner pot which was £4 and came with a tiny applicator brush. This went straight in the bin as it was useless and far too small to get any purchase on drawing on a decent line; I have a much better Ruby&Milly angled eye brush which I reached for instead (decent brushes make such a difference, as I'm sure any beauty blogger will attest.) The pot is a solid creme colour in 'Steely' which is like an inky navy blue-a bit of a departure from my usual black felt pen style eyeliner but no harder to apply and actually, just as long lasting. I applied it over the goldy/browny shade from my eyeshadow duo and the combination worked really well, though I couldn't get the intensity of the colour of the eyeliner to build up very well. It might work better on an eye with no shadow on it, mind. Still, I think it was a good buy and for £4 is sure to give me much more longevity than my felt tip eyeliners-I imagine there's months, if not more, worth of product in this pot.
And on a side note (I'm such a girl) HOW cute is the packaging? I love it; Topshop have done this really well as what is essentially quite a budget beauty brand actually looks a lot more expensive and really rather sleek. I shall definitely be looking out for other bargains from this range. I was keen to try a blusher but could only seem to find cream, rather than powder, blushers, so maybe this is something they're yet to add to their lines.
You can view the full collection on the Topshop website and they also have a couple of lines left in their sale including the ones I trialled here. I've just checked and the items I bought have been further reduced-so I'd say, grab some if you fancy it because they're really worth a go!
Right-off to veg out with this months Elle magazine. Anyone else had a read of this yet? And doesn't Lily Allen Cooper look fantastic on the cover!?!
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Anonymous said...

I'm a massive fan of topshop make-up, for the price they are so worth it, and the packaging is gorgeous x

Unknown said...

great review! i'll have to try these out.



Pearl Westwood said...

Looking forward to trying this!

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