Product Review: Rimmel Vinyl Max Lip Gloss

I recently got my hands on this newly launched lipgloss from Rimmel. Now normally, I'm not ever a lipgloss type of girl-I prefer a nice matte lippy, preferably red....anyone see I'm in a rut here?! I thought it would be good to get out of my makeup fug and try something new, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I tend to find lipglosses to be at least one of several of the following things: sticky, gloopy, bad tasting, greasy, oily, heavily frangranced, drying, frosted, or gooey. Hence my gloss aversion. However, I only found the Rimmel Vinyl Max to be ever so slightly sticky-and this was probably because I put too much on. The standout feature of this gloss is the wand-it's massive. I mean, huge. I have shared a snap of me mid-application just to demostrate its sheer size; it's about the size of a finger! This means that, whilst the lipgloss lives upto its tagline of only needing a 'one stroke' application, the danger is that the 'one stroke' could end up depositing far too much product on your lips, leading to the rather unattractive 'trout pout' look. Nice.

Rimmel claim that the 'voluptuous wand' gives 'full coverage, high gloss shine in one single stroke.' This is true, but like I said, easy on the product-I made sure to wipe the wand on the edge of the tube or even on a tissue to remove excess before future applications.

The gloss gives great colour and does stay put with a minimally sticky feel-I'm not sure how any gloss could claim to be non sticky because as they're made to be glossy and shiny, this surely comes with an element of sticky-at least, this is what I have found in every gloss I've ever tried. However on the stickiness charts, this one rates low!

Definitely worth a try-you certainly get your money's worth as the tube is huge!
Check out more on this product on the Rimmel London website or via their Facebook and Twitter pages.
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Alexandra said...

OMG OMG i can comment!!!!
Im going back to comment on the posts i have been dying to.
Oh i need to tell you what my mum said about your blog.
And i quote!
"Wow Alex that blog is great, maybe you could take some tips from her"
Thanks mum haha

Emma said...

It's rare that I ever buy lip-gloss, but this sounds pretty good; nice review! x

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