Toe to Toe....

Soz, this is a really picture-heavy post! I definitely need to be picture selective and only pick a couple of snaps to show off. But oh well-for now, here's about 14 of the little blighters! 

It's that time of year again at work when a new uniform directive has come in.  So I had to buy a couple of new pieces and these jeans were one of them. I know, right!? Me, in jeans! I was attracted to the oatmeal shade of these; I love a bit of beige, mainly because it goes with 99.9% of the things I already own!

I don't normally go for a) skinny jeans or b) skinny jeans in a pale colour. My friend lovely Laura and I always used to giggle at the 'Liz Hurley' syndrome of white denim skinnies, and how completely unflattering they are to anyone but the most rail-thin. But I thought these ones would make a good base for colourblocking, and essentially they're not white so I think I just about get away with it. I don't think they're too flattering on the old muffin top mind, but oh well!

I think I need to draw your attention to the rather amazing goings on south of my ankles. This week has been all about beautiful shoes and this pair, supplied by The Cherry Closet, are no exception. Called 'Don't Mess With Thelma' they're comfy, cute and lend a much needed vintage twist to this monochromatic look.
Jumper: Quiksilver Women Blouse, Jeans: Gap Shoes: Vintage, c/o The Cherry Closet Necklace, Bag: Vintage

Hotfoot it over to The Cherry Closet if you want to get your hands on similar styles! The stock is gorgeous and really well priced so you'll certainly be able to find something to suit your taste and your budget!

Aren't they just adorable!

My rings are vintage (presents from Adrian, he's amaze at picking jewels!) and my nail colour is Nails Inc in Caramel (freebie when I bought 2 bottles of coke for Age! Win win!)

Today was nice and sunny but there was definitely a fresh breeze so I chucked on a thin knit over my blouse.

This one is a new addition and one of my new favourites! It's quiksilver women's and I treated myself to it with a voucher I had. It's called 'toe to toe' and I love the alternating lines of open knit.

Hope you've all had a lovely day!
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Vix said...

Way better than Liz Hurley, my dear! When you look as fabulous as you do it's only right to take lots of pictures. xxx
PS I don't believe trim little you would have a muffin top!

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