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Howdy guys! Once again the weather was atrocious yesterday but it looks to be brightening up now so I am hoping I'll be able to get some photo's taken outside soon. Adrian is super busy at the moment with work so for the meantime I have had to fall back on my digital point'n'shoot cam and the tripod to take my pics. We don't have a garden (we live in a flat) and there's NO WAY I feel confident enough to go posing about outside with the tripod-don't want to scare the neighbours. So the spare room takes on the mantle of the fashion playground!

I am wearing one of my sale purchases-this panama hat. I am loving it, I wore it all day yesterday and it's really comfy as well as being really cute. I think it makes a slicker look a little more playful.

These black trousers are just about my favourite pair. They're looking a little tired now but I can't stop wearing them. They look so nice with heels-these Charles Jourdan ones were a charity shop find.

Tee: Gap Mens
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Charles Jourdan (vintage, thrifted)
Hat: Gap
Bug Ring: ASOS

I have decided to investigate the Zara sale further by actualy going into store, I have a little morning of shopping planned for the weekend as I get paid today. But I am not going to go crazy because I need to buy two chairs this payday (when we bought our table and chairs last month, we could only afford to get two!) and I also really want to get a coat stand for our hallway. So I've got one of those in mind as well.

This bug ring is a bit of an oddity but I must confess I think it's really quite cool. I love jewellery which has a bit of a talking point to it-and this certainly does! It's jointed so it fits well over the knuckle without being uncomfortable.If you're interested as well, my nail polish is a cheapy-17 nail colour in Nightshade. I've put some Barry M crackle glaze over it this morning, which has made it look really matte and textured. I'll tweet a pic so if you follow me on twitter, keep an eye out!

Hope you all have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend ;)
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Laura said...

Great pictures!!
Have a nice weekend!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Loving the hat. You look fantastic, your legs are so long!

Tanyabell said...

love that hat and those shoes look great with your outfit!

Emma said...

Great outfit, I love the stripes, and that ring is brilliant. My friend has a brooch almost exactly like it - I'm always stealing it! x

Sarah said...

nice hat!


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Your hat is gorgeous! I love your nautical top too!


Victoria said...

Love the pictures !! :)

Ellinor Forje said...

I love this look. Stripes always work for me. Thanks for sharing the photos and hope to see you soon at mine.

Anonymous said...

love your outfit, great hat


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