Today I saw a man and a lady wearing suit jackets, smart shoes, white shirts and....jeans. When did power dressing and casualwear combine so luridly to create such an inappropriate amalgamation? I don't know what I thought of the outfits, actually, the only thought that popped into my mind was how schizophrenic the style looked. And once I'd started seeing odd combo's, well, it was like when you get a new car and suddenly every other car you see is the one you've got, or when you're coveting a particular style of handbag and every girl you see is toting it. Next up was a lady looking incredibly chic in a black mac and skinny trouser combo, hideously finished off with trainers. And not, you know, indieish trainers like Vans or those Supergas that have suddenly become the touchstone of trainer chic, nope, these were big old, white 'n' mesh Reebok gym trainers with a pink sole. Why! 
On the flip side, I then saw a lady in a sweatsuit carrying what look suspiciously like an Alexander Wang.  Seriously, sister, if you're toting a piece of arm candy like that, outfit attention must be paid. And unless sweats are being worn ironically, with a heel and a dose of insouciance, they just aint going to cut it. And if you're gonna get your Wang out (ha!) you wanna be doing it with style, no?

I'm a fine one to talk. My vintage dress and River Island jacket have today been partnered with...chipped nail varnish, a beauty crime which is truly unforgivable but for whatever reason, I've let it happen. Call it; lack of time because I have had to leave earlier than usual for work due to the need to start catching buses, something I've never had to do before but something that does allow for a decent amount of people watching, and outfit sharking.

Dress: Vintage Jacket: River Island Purse: Chloe Rings: ASOS and Vintage Watch: Vintage Boots: Clarks Wooden Bangle: Whistles

Anyway, back to the clothes. I found this lovely dress in a charity shop back home for £2. The knife pleated skirt has a touch of the Whistles Carrie about it, but without the ubermassive price tag (touched one in John Lewis yesterday, dropped it when I saw the £110 cost). How much!

The thing that attracted me to this beautiful frock was the print. It's got 'speech mark' like prints all over it, which I thought was quite quirky, and good for me 'cos I like to natter. Plus the colour is right up my street, and the sleeves and scarf neck detail are just dreamy. It's a little big so I belted it in, I think it looks ok! I made it a little bit rough'n'ready with my Clarks Westhay Snug boots which, I maintain, are the comfiest boots I own; they go with everything and are a dead ringer for the Acne Pistol's I so coveted but could never afford.

Indoors outfit shots today! The weather has taken a turn for the worse and today it has mainly chucked it down. I was hoping to trudge up to the next town along and pick up some kitchsy ornaments I'd seen in one of the chazzers a couple of weeks ago, but no such luck-I'm not walking all that way in the rain!

Looking at these pictures I think this dress could do with an iron! It literally sparked as I took it off, such was the static 'leccy going on! Gotta love a bit of ancient vintage polyester! Well, I do, despite the threat of shocks!

Hope you have a lovely evening
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Despina T. said...

I love this dresses pattern!lovely choice :)))

Nicole Martin said...

LOVE the outfit!
soo jealous of your clothes, hand 'em over?^^
Nicole xox


Cassidy said...

Love the jacket chicky!


Vix said...

Amie, you wear the 1980's so well (far better than most of us did back in the day). That dress looks quirky, glamorous and unique and it's accessorised beautifully, too.
I need that big bangle in my life. xxx
PS Jon & I aren't married, sinful devils that we are!

Paint it Black said...

Love that dress on you what a fab find and yes it does have a Whistles feel about it but so much more unique love how you styled it xoxo

Ariel said...

I love this dress and blazer together. I love the pleated style vintage dresses. Fab pieces!

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