More vintage treasures....

This bloody jumper. It has become the new 'cardigan', remember that heinous old man's charity shop cardigan I used to wear allllll the time through the winter? Well, it has been replaced with something a little more fitted and a little less heavy for summer but the downside of this change has meant that now I wear something else all the blooming time. Well, I wouldn't if the weather wasn't so useless, but today, despite thinking we'd go somewhere a little different to take some outfit shots, the heavens opened just as we got outside the door and so 'the usual' spot it was. I really wish we had a garden, as a lady walked past mid-shot...awkward.

This is the most beautiful vintage lined skirt that I bought in Devon when I went home. It has a matching blouse and is fully lined and the whole outfit cost £2. My friend Kitty was asking how I buy from Charity shops the other day-she was just wondering how I get inspired or why what I buy works with my existing wardrobe. Basically I told her that I always try and visualise what I am going to wear with whatever I buy, to make it more modern; and the example I gave was, 'you know, like a granny's skirt with a kicky pair of boots and a chunky jumper.' Ping! I suddenly had the perfect idea in mind of what to wear the next day....

Skirt (part of set), bracelet, watch and rings: Vintage Jumper Topman Boots: Topshop Bag: Vintage YSL

I painted my nails also with my new Nails Inc varnish in electric teal, which I picked up FREE with this month's copy of Instyle, which was about £3. I'm not usually one for free gifts but Nails Inc varnishes are really good and cost about £11 each so it was a worthy saving.

The print of the skirt is so delicate and it's fully lined, though it was windy today and it did blow up a little! you can see, haha.....

Hope you had a lovely weekend!
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Despina T. said...

U have great style.i love your sweater-maxi skirt combination.lovely look!great blog dear.i am following u.follow back if u like!

Eva. said...

WOWWW I love your style its very original!! i love it!! :D

im your new follower

come and visit my blog if you want,

the nyanzi report said...

impressive style and great photography.

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