Hand me down....

 Today I have once again dabbled in print mixing along with a little bit of colour. I'm finding neutral colours very helpful to my wardrobe palette at the moment because it means I can wear colour without looking like an 80's throwback, which is how colour can look when teamed with black.
I am currently watching Eurovision. Cripes, there are some humdingers on there this year!

The best bit of this outfit is this vintage scarf. It belonged to Adrians late grandmother and it is beautiful. Adrian's mum gave it to me and I love the print and the colour palette.

Teaming it with leopard print, I think, looks quite quirky and modern.

Blazer: River Island Top, Peg Trousers: Gap Scarf: Vintage Shoes: Topshop Feather Necklace: gift from Adrian
Do you like my yellow top? I am never sure about yellow but I do love this shade. Adrian says it makes my eyes look really blue. Which is nice!

Proof this girl ain't had botox. I sometimes look at my wrinkles and think, hmm, but I don't think I would ever mess with my face. I suppose there's lots that could make it better but, you know, this is the mug I got so I am going to stick with it. I use different creams and serums etc (nothing too expensive mind!) but I think I have wrinkles, because, you know, I laugh and I am expressive with my face. So that's a good thing, right?!

Such a beautiful scarf. I am going to wear it so much.

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