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So;  bit of a random post today. Adrian is out at the moment and later we are off to watch the lovely ladies above, commonly known as a collective called Warpaint. Google them or Youtube their video Undertow; it's aces. I'm looking forward to it though I am going to feel completely inadequate because these girls are all so chic, talented and achingly hip. Sigh. I am completely unsure of what to wear but I am thinking that I need to feel confident due to the mass amount of high fashion that is bound to ensue, so I have gone for something classic; (read: Boring) aka peg trousers and that bloody jumper which I am surely going to have to burn or something because it overshadows everything else in my wardrobe.  

This is what happens when Adrian lets me loose with his camera. I regress to blog-beginning style mirror shots. I can't even get this right! 

See, here is my jumper, just making a cameo.

I thought I'd wear these Zara flats because they give the look a bit of a kick, plus I am so into 'prixing' (print mixing, for the uninitiated!) and since I am wearing a stripy tee I thought I'd allude to the trend this way.

A snapshot of my dressing table. I am so into this D&G Rose The One fragrance, which I found in John Lewis for a bargain price. I really wanted the Chloe perfume but just couldn't afford it, so this rosy scent was a cheaper substitute and just as nice. The Chanel box was a bootsale buy if I remember rightly and only cost a few pence but looks nice on my dressing table with my earrings in it!

This is another dressing table stalwart; my little bear pink ted. He was given to me when I was born by my daddy and is 27 years old. He is very well loved and I'll never get rid of him. Aww.

Finally, here is probably one of my favourite bags-my Hermes Pouch (courtesy of Oxfam, £2.99). Its so squashy and he fits everything in just great, though he is a bit of a tardis in that everything sinks to the bottom!
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Alexandra said...

Such a cute post. I have a ted that is as old as me.
I hope you have fun with adrian tonight.

LittleRachael said...

Love the hermes bag!!

Little Rachael
Little Rachael
Little Rachael

Lauren Ellingham said...

A hermes bag for 2.99 :O some people just do not know what they are giving away to charity.. Charity shops in Chelsea must be amazing, haha

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