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If only I had a money tree....

Truth be told I am utterly broke at the moment, which is why I've been mainly hitting up the charity shops/eBay for bargains. Actually it's quite theraputic finding things which I know no one else will have, but my heart skipped a beat when these beautiful sandals dropped into my inbox! I can dream, eh!

I am thinking about doing a blog sale. I've seen a couple of my favourite beauty bloggers doing this very thing with products they no longer want; but would anyone be interested in my cast offs? I'm not thinking of doing anything expensive, most items would be under £10 and you could pay by Paypal. I'm interested to see if there would be a reaction and also what sort of things people would want to buy; I know my clothing and shoes may not be to everyone's taste, so maybe accessories would be a better bet? What are we all thinking? I'd love to know!
Just to let you know I won't be posting tomorrow since it's my Uncle's funeral. I will try and post Friday but if not I'll definitely be back on Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your week!
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