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I think I may have already told you guys, I didn't win the ASOS street style star comp; it's cool I didn't expect to really as the entry standard was amazing, so I was really chuffed to get to the final 16! ASOS did very kindly give me a voucher due to getting into the final 16 and above is one of the items I bought with it. It is a Key ring by House of Harlow; I've always wanted a piece of jewellery from this line, and since this was reduced, and then I had a further 20% off, I decided to treat myself! I also bought a lovely pair of heels from ASOS White, which is my favourite ASOS diffusion line. However they're shoe boots, and quite wintery, so I'm not sure how much wear I'll get from them at the moment; I know I will wear them a lot come autumn mind.

Adrian took a couple of snaps of me at home when we were on our holiday, and I thought I'd put a couple on here for you to see. Not to be narcissistic, but I never do those makeup 'face of the day' shots so here you go, here's one! As you can see I usually wear a little eye makeup but mainly focus on my base, I use foundation, powder, a little bronzer, and blush. I then use a neutral eyeshadow and, always, a liquid eyeliner to get the feline eye, think less Amy Winehouse and more Audrey Hepburn. Well, thats what I go for! I almost always wear lipstick but Age took these shots just as I finished putting my face on, and I hadn't got round to it yet. My favourite one at the moment is by YSL and is a pinky red shade which is more suitable for day than pillarbox red, I find, though I do love that.

Anyway, back to today. I bought these vintage leather shorts from eBay a month or so ago-they were a steal at £7. However, they're a bit too long for my stumpy legs, so I just rolled them up to make them a little shorter.

They're very high waisted, which I love, but unfortch they aren't very flattering (on me, anyway.) They make by hips and bum look enormous, so I have worn a longer length tee over them to disguise this fact! The tee is Quiksilver Womens and I love the shape of the hem. 

My blazer is also vintage and I nabbed it from a charity shop at home for a measly £3.50 or something like that. The only thing I've found with moving to the city is that all the charity shops here have cottoned on to the fact that lots of people like to buy vintage, and most have specific vintage 'sections' where all the clothing is ten times the price of everything else! So now I usually go to more provicial charity shops, of which there is an abundance where my mum and dad live. So when we went home to see our families, Adrian and I took full advantage of them! I bought LOADS on holiday-literally had to buy another bag to bring it all back in. I think in total I spent about £20 and ended up with multiple blouses, dresses and a few pieces of jewellery, and even a pair of shoes which were my best bargain at £1! It's all currently hanging in my bathroom having been lovingly handwashed this morning-thats the ONE thing about vintage clothing, especially chazzer vintage-it honks! 

Blazer, Shorts: Vintage Boots: Spartoo Tee: Quiksilver Womens Ring: House of Harlow
I was reading one of my favourite blogs today, Vintage Vixen, and the lovely Vix who writes it is such an inspiration. She is not only superemely thrifty (check out her latest post, in which she has created an INCREDIBLE rain poncho and matching hat from a flamingo print shower curtain, which has to be seen to be believed) she always looks gorgeous and has the most enviable vintage wardrobe I've EVER seen! You must have a look; she is such an inspiration.
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Vix said...

Awww Amie! Thanks for the mention.
What a shame you didn't win the competition, you were robbed. TYhat ring is a stunner.
I know what you mean about high waisted trousers, I've got a blue leather pair which look brilliant from the front but shocking from behind. I feel like I should exit the room walking backwards.
Can't wait to see the vintage buys. These chazza shops with their vintage sections drive me mad, and don't even get me started on the ones who write "TOPSHOP" in capital letters on the price tag like it's blinkin' Chanel.
Keep up the good work, my beautiful blogging pal. xxx

Rosie Savage said...

I've always wanted something from House of Harlow too - that ring is just too lovely!
I also love love love the rest of your outfit. The vintage leather shorts are amaze,

Rosie x

Paint it Black said...

Gorgeous outfit and I think you picked well with your ASOS voucher love that ring. You sound like you have had a fun time thifting on your hols cant wait to see you styling it xoxo

Dodo said...

That ring is gorgeous! I might order it myself ;)

LittleRachael said...

Love the ring!! I'm might make myself a version ;-)

You look gorgeous as always!!

Little Rachael
Little Rachael
Little Rachael

the nyanzi report said...

fabulous shot of that ring!

mystyledefine said...

love this outfit - very jealous about the house of harlow ring too! :o) x

Rebecca said...

Love the outfit, the ring is gorgeous- very jealous! x

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Karen Ussene said...

Hiya, I really like your white blazer :)

Anonymous said...

loooove that white blazer!

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