Sorry I didn't blog yesterday or Saturday; we went home for Easter to see our families. we both had a lovely time and got thoroughly spoilt; loads of chocolate eggs and chickens from Adrian's mum and dad and my mum and dad (which later melted in the car...) and a lovely catch up with our families and lots of fun in the sun. This was especially pleasant because we don't have a garden at our city flat so we spent loads of time in the park, garden and seeing friends.

We went for a lovely long walk around the woods near my mum and dad's home.  The sun was so warm and the birds were singing, sounds like a cliche I know but it was just perfect.

I love all the colours. The countryside is a great place for inspiration!

These were our yummy eggs which now look like a melted brown lump!!
This is the sort of thing that passes for a street sign in Devon! 
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