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Firstly, apologies for not posting yesterday; we had a sad family event and as such I didn't think it would be very respectful to do so. 

I have been feeling very inspired looking at all the styple photo's from Coachella music festival. I think the reason the fashion is so much better there than, generally speaking, Glastonbury is totally down to the weather. There, they are near enough guarenteed sunshine and gorgeous warm temperatures so they can dress accordingly. Here, it's always a chance and usually a Glasto reveller will pack wellies and a pac-a-mac into their festival wardrobe; must have items, but not particularly chic!

Dress, Necklace: River Island Sunnies, Bag: Vintage Boots: Topshop 
This dress was another River Island sale steal; down from £39.99 to £7.50! I don't usually wear dresses, in fact, seeing me out of trousers is a first in any case! However the weather here has been so beautiful I have been far to hot to keep fully covered. What I like about this dress is the sleeves, I still feel covered up even though it's quite short, it takes the scariness of wearing a dress away.

My sunnies are vintage and so completely battered that they barely stay on my face, the arms are all bent out of shape and they're nicely scratched but I still love them and always reach for these despite having a million better pairs. The boots are a new purchase; they look identical to the Ash boots featured in this week's Grazia magazine but these are from Topshop. They were merchandised with their Snake Valley collection back in the spring and I loved them then (and also thought they'd look good with this snake-print dress!) but couldn't really stretch to the £70 price tag. So when I saw them in the sale for £30, and Adrian was on hand to wangle a bit of student discount, making them £27, I knew I couldn't pass them up. I wore them all day and they're so comfy!

I popped into my local Smith's yesterday as well and bought a new book-"Beautiful" by Katie Piper, the young lady who was the victim of a horiffic acid attack. I'd seen her documentaries, but reading her book-which I did in an afternoon-was much harder hitting in terms of realising what she's been through. It makes you really appreciate every little thing you have-I feel quite ashamed for the times I've got stressed because I have a spot or my hair isn't going right. I was in tears for most of the book, not only through sadness for this incredible lady, but also in the face of her unbelieveable bravery and determination not to be beaten by her attackers. She is the same age as me, and I don't think I would have coped in that situation as she did. She is a true inspiration and I urge you all to pick up a copy and have a read. It certainly made me stop and think, and realise how much I have. 
I have also been lucky enough to feature on the gorgeous Lauren Loves blog, she has done a blog interview with me which you can read here . Her blog is lush and she always has plently of interesting thigs to look at over on there so check it out!
I won't be blogging now until Monday as I have work all day today and tomorrow (retail huh! No such thing as a Bank Holiday for us!) and then Adrian and I are going home to spend the Easter with our families. So I won't be on, or near a computer! Still I should be back Monday evening with a round up of the Easter goss. So until then I hope everyone has a fantastic break (unless you are also a retail slave-I feel it too!) and eats lots of yummy chocolate! 
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Haute-fly said...

Lovely blog, really glad I came across it.

Great content and posts. Lovely coachella style shots.

I'm now following. Please feel free to have a little look at my blog.
Thank you,

Unknown said...

Very pretty dress! I love the print.

♥ Gina Michele

Anonymous said...

lovely dress

elisabeth said...

you look adorable.
your dress is so pretty!


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