"Come on then, Romper Suit...."

So, I have discovered that I am in the centre of a love triangle involving myself, these boots, and this jumpsuit. I can't bare to stop wearing either of them-the reason the romper hasn't appeared on the blog before is because I mainly wear it for work in a rather boringtons manner, so I didn't think it deserved too much space but because I do wear it so blimming much, a showcase was, of course, inevitable.

The title of this post is what Adrian said to me when we were about to go and do our Sainsburys shop. I have this habit, wherever we go, of parking up the car and then we end up having a little chat about nothing in particular before we disembark from the car to go and do whatever it is we have to do. We were in a rush on this particular occasion because I worked the early at work and we wanted to do our food shop before our early afternoon obsession: Deal or No Deal. It's mainly my obsession because Adrian  usually elects to have a nap during it, but if I'm ever working I always make sure he watches it so he can tell me what happens. Very sad I know.

Romper: Gap Boots: Topshop Bag: Vintage Chanel Necklace: River Island

I have rolled up the ankles a little because they are soooo long, but I think that looks ok. Another thing about this jumpsuit that I love is how easy it is to wear! put it on, add some heels, maybe an accessory or two-done. It is just simplicity and still looks really chic.

I am wearing these boots too just because they seem to go with loads. I've ordered a couple of other pairs from Spartoo which I'm sure you'll be seeing soon. I know boots aren't very summery, but I always find it easier to wear a shorter hemline with a boot-for example shorts and dresses just look a little bit funkier to me with a chunky boot to tone them down.

Looking forward to seeing Miss Middleton's choice of dress tomorrow! can't wait!
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xxShivvyxx said...

I love the story about the title of this post! So cute!

Love the boots too :)


xxShivvyxx said...


I talked about you on my blog and started a tag :) http://xxshivvyxx.blogspot.com/2011/04/7-things-and-7-blogs-tag.html

Laura said...

Absolutely love this outfit, it looks so effortlessly cool :) x

Unknown said...

Gah, I'm dying to buy a proper romper (ooh, that rhymed) for myself. I see so many people making them look good!

Anonymous said...

amazing look!love yout booties!!

Cassidy said...

Adorable romper, and love your necklace!


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